This must be how our Features Editor starts his day now he’s moved to America, but we know he’s never intentionally upside down (some times it happens by accident).

For the making of this edit the plan was to meet Tom early to document a full day of riding and good times. We met at Tom’s place just after 9am where Tom began his day with a good helping of pancakes and bacon!

We made our way to some of the South West’s Finest MTB trails soon after breakfast for a few runs, and after a bit of maintenance the jumps ran sweet despite the hard frost the evening before. After finishing up at the MTB trails we headed to Mount Hawke just over an hour’s drive away, by the time we got to the skatepark it was early evening and the guys there had kindly offered to stay open late for us. By the end of that evening session we were done, and this edit is the result of that one-day – A Day With Tom Isted.

Filmed & Edited by Ryan Hallett

Music: The Birth and Death of the Day – Explosions in the Sky (edited to fit with edit)

Sun 22nd Mar, 2015 @ 7:30 pm

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