GO3 Camera by Insta360

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GO3 Camera by Insta360

Get the inside look at what it takes to develop a new bike thanks to the guys at Commencal. This truly international experience is more in depth than you might first think.

© COMMENCAL 2015 – Filmed & edited by Sam Decout
Additionnal action footage by Guillaume Grégnanin, Paul Commençal & Thibault Menu

Some products have a huge impact on a company’s life. And without any doubt the Meta V4 has had one on COMMENCAL’s. Revealed almost one year ago, the META AM V4 650b doesn’t need any more praise. Riders, press and customers, they all adore it! Experience a total immersion in the production process, from design to machine testing to finishing touches. From Andorra to Taiwan, discover every step of such a creation with our engineer Nicolas MENARD. Made for you. Again.


Certains produits marquent la vie d’une entreprise. Et il est indéniable que le META V4 aura marqué celle de COMMENCAL. Dévoilé il y a presque un an, le META AM V4 650b n’a plus besoin d’être vanté. Pilotes, presse et clients, tous l’adorent ! Ici, vivez une immersion totale dans la production. Conception, test machine, finitions. D’Andorre à Taïwan, découvrez toutes les étapes d’une telle création avec notre ingénieur Nicolas MENARD.
Made For You. Again.

Sat 9th May, 2015 @ 7:30 pm

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