Livigno looks like an incredible place to ride and now even better thanks to the opening of Mountain Park Carosello 3000, check out a preview of the trails and take the chance to get out to Italy to ride.

The countdown is over. The first 10 km of the flow trails that Carosello 3000 has dedicated to mountain biking are now open. It represents a true evolution of the trail network and the concept of riding in Livigno.

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On Saturday, July 11, both the gondola Carosello 3000 and the new trails were opened in flow style. The main feature? The flow-trails are built according to a sequence of rhythmical leaps, turns, banked turns and jumps with the maximum grade of 10 degrees, so that a rider flows down the trail. Everyone can ride in line with his/her own skill level. It is a new style track, based on speed and rhythm, that guarantees the necessary safety to beginners and a roller coaster sensation to expert bikers.

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There are 10 km of new tracks, consisting of two successive trails: the Coast to Coast, 6 km of turns and jumps in front of the spectacular scenery of the valley of Livigno, and the Roller Coaster, 4 km of a pure freedom in flow style across the wooded area. Meanwhile, the trail team of Carosello 3000, headed by Alberto Clement, are already working on another trial that will be open during the summer as soon as they are finished.

There is already an event related to the new flow trails. It is 3K Up&Down, fascinating and innovative format within the framework of the outdoor festival Adventure Awards and in cooperation with CrankBrothers. On Sunday, August 2 participants will compete on a loop of 13 km including the downhill ride on the new flow trails (and the uphill trip by the gondolas). The winner will be the one who completes the course the most times during the day. You can sign up on the website.

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Tue 14th Jul, 2015 @ 1:30 pm

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