Ready to watch something scary as hell? I’m mopping the sweat from my palms as I type. As if unicycling wasn’t hard enough already – why not try it on a narrow ledge on top of a 256m chimney? Is this guy serious? Definitely worth reading the below disclaimer, y’know, just in case you thought you might give it a go.

You are hereby notified that the stunts displayed in this video
were performed by professionals in a controlled environment.
Do not attempt to duplicate, re-create, or perform the same or
similar stunts, unless you are a trained professional as personal
injury or property damage may result.
The producer of this video is not responsible for any such injury
or damage.

This video shows me and a friend climbing the big chimney at
CET Târgu Jiu and riding the * Unicycle * on the top, at the height
of about 256m (840ft).

For the best experience of this clip use high brightness and turn
the volume up!

Starring: Flaviu Cernescu, Nikolai Ismail
Filming, editing: Flaviu Cernescu

Chimney at CET Târgu Jiu, 256 meters (840 feet)
July, 2016

Special thanks to Mada for being so kind 🙂


Mon 5th Sep, 2016 @ 9:30 am

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