The Megavalanche is not the only mass start race on a glacier, not only that, the other is just down the valley in Les 2 Alpes. The Mountain of Hell race starts at 3200m and riders, both pro and amateur descend head to head to the valley bottom as fast as, well, hell. This episode of ‘This Is UR World’ gets behind the scenes and finds out what it takes to survive the Mountain of Hell.

‘The Mountain of Hell is a mythic mass start race that starts at 3200 meters high on a glacier in Les 2 Alpes, that brings together amateurs and professionals looking to push their limits. But what does it really take to survive this hell of a race? You’ll find out in the first episode of the second season of “This is UR world”. We followed Fabien Cousinié and other racers at this event to learn about the preparation and the team behind this event. Come onboard this hell of a race and we hope you’ll want to take on the challenge.’

Fri 9th Dec, 2016 @ 9:30 pm

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