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5 days ago

#throwback Together with his Polygon Trid Dirt Jump Bike!!
Reposted from @ur_team - 5th place for our man @samreynolds26 at @crankworx Whistler Speed & Style 🤘
#onpolygonbikes #whistler #crankworx #mtb - #regrann

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6 days ago

#throwback Sam Reynolds & his Xquarone DH at Whip Off action!
Reposted from @ur_team - @crankworx Whistler Whip Off is always one of the best! @samreynolds26 went sideways with his xquarone dh 🤘
#onpolygonbikes #whistler #crankworx #whipoff #mtb - #regrann

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2 weeks ago

Happy Holiday, where are you riding today?

Bike : Polygon Path 9 (Urban Bike)

Reposted from @polygonbikesid - Weekend warrior, kemana rute bersepeda sore ini?

Photo by @polygonbikesid x @eigeradventure

#polygon - #regrann

Polygon Bikes posted a video
2 weeks ago

#throwbackyesterday Time training @ Lenzheirde, Switzerland.
Reposted from @ur_team - @littletrace13 was the fastest today in time training , get on board ! - #regrann

Polygon Bikes posted a video
2 weeks ago

How about #XTRADA Series, Riders?

Xtrada series is designed for riders who want to ride on a wide variety of terrain. If you are looking for a racing quality bike with durable and dependable components, #Polygon Xtrada Series is the perfect #bike for you!

#onpolygonbikes #polygonbikesmalaysia

Polygon Bikes Malaysia shared a photo.
Polygon Bikes Malaysia shared a photo.
2 weeks ago

Polygon Bikes Malaysia had on board at Mad Enduro 2019 - Enduro World Series Qualifier. It will be another awesome year for all of us!!
#onpolygonbikes #polygonbikesmy #madenduro #ews

Polygon Bikes posted a video
2 weeks ago

Full version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS8hOR5mPi8 !!!🔥🔥🔥

"Ever since my first trip to this area I have wanted to spend more time here. This Spring it worked out to come camp for a few nights accompanied by some friends that are locals to the area and they gave us the royal treatment. Conditions were right and we spent the next 3 days out there exploring what the canyon had to offer. It was a Chute Show and I wouldn’t had it any other way!" - @kurtsorge •
Bike on frame : XQUARONE DH

#movie #mtb #freeride #polygon #extreme #bike #downhill #race
#allmountain #raw #onpolygonbikes #trail #chute #adventure - #regrann

Polygon Bikes globally designed and ridden everywhere!
Home for Malaysia Polygon Bike Fans.
Polygon Bikes an international Bicycle brand, design and ridden globally.
With our diverse group of engineers, testers and creative thinkers based in North America, Europe and Asia, our bike designs are innovative and constantly improving your ride experience. Couple with our state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly facilities in Southeast Asia, meeting world class standards in delivering quality bicycles.

Our philosophy of global design standards meets world class manufacturing is already producing results with Australian National Champions Mik and Tracy Hannah of the Hutchinson UR Team and in a different arena with freerider Sam Reynolds. And as if World Cup DH wasn't enough, Mik and new Polygon Team members Jamie Nicoll and Aurelien Giordanengo will be campaigning the new Collosus N9 on the 2014 Enduro World Series.

Polygon bikes will continue to uphold our value in producing quality bikes and continue to deliver the best riding experience to our riders!
Outdoor and sporting goods company

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Mountain Bike Reviews - Polygon Bikes Siskiu N9 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - Polygon Bikes Siskiu N9 2019
Polygon Bikes Siskiu N9

Relatively unseen in Europe, Polygon have flown under the radar somewhat but are beginning to show us what we’ve all been missing over here, with some bold designs and some exceedingly well-priced bikes that have begun to get the market’s attention. Being the owners of their own factories means that Polygon is able to build bikes at a range of…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Polygon Bikes Collosus N9 XTR 2016
Mountain Bike Reviews - Polygon Bikes Collosus N9 XTR 2016
Polygon Bikes Collosus N9 XTR

Depending on which part of the globe you reside, Polygon could well be a slightly unfamiliar sight on your local trails. The Hutchinson UR Downhill team has brought them more global recognition in recent years, and back in 2014, they snapped up everyone's favourite privateer Jamie Nicol to race under their banner for the Enduro World Series. Nicol started piloting…

1 week ago | 5:41

Each track of the UCI world cup DH is different and presents their own challenges, this last round at Lenzerheide pushed the Polygon UR team…

2 months ago | 1:36

Racing and riding bikes around the world is every kid's dream! So after establishing the Polygon UR Development Team Polygon decided to start the Polygon…

2 months ago | 13:29

What drives the pros to be the best and better their peers each day and in each race? Team Polygon UR asked their riders a…

2 months ago | 16:14

Take a trip with Sam Reynolds and Ben Deakin as they go to Winterberg Bikepark to check out the IXS Dirtmasters, From 4X, Downhill to…

2 months ago

The Leogang Bike Park track, although sometimes criticised for a lack of technicality, is known for its staggering speeds and seldom fails to produce captivating…

3 months ago | 2:13

Getting it all kinds of sideways - watch Kurt Sorge shred his custom Siskiu N8 on his local trail in British Columbia! Who's up for…

4 months ago | 13:23

That's a lot of BANG for a lot of bucks! Here's what happened when Sam Reynolds, Ben Deakin and crew went up to the Steel…

5 months ago | 5:51

How wild does this look? Get onboard with this mass start madness from the top Coronet Peak down to Arrowtown!

7 months ago | 6:37

In a world of a standardize team announcements where rider X is stoked to ride for brand Z, here at the Polygon UR we are…

8 months ago | 08:59

Dust and mayhem! This is what happens when you take three world class riders and point them at a massive volcano. It's not a race…

11 months ago | 3:20

Check out some of the craziest bits from this crazy event! The creative juices were flowing, and with a blank, dusty canvas to play with,…

11 months ago | 0:40

These guys are pulling some of the raddest moves known to man! There's no denying, they've certainly been earning some air miles! We are halfway…

Issue 57

Pivot's new Firebird 29 gets rated alongside Polygon's budget Siskiu N9. Rose keep things electric and Merida offer up a dropbar winter training tool. Plus the verdict on the mighty Rockshox Lyric.

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Issue 56

We catch up with Alastair Beckett, bike designer extraordinaire, and responsible for some of the most successful bikes on the race circuit. Alistair talks about bike design, the rise of the high pivot bike and what the future may hold for mountain bikes.

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Full suspension trail and Enduro bikes from Polygon, KTM, Scott and NS are put through their paces, alongside a classic steel hardtail from Onza. The new pro 4 wheelset from Hope is put through the mill and we find out if Manitou's Mattoc forks can compete with the big boys.

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Issue 38

Rou Chater takes a look behind the scenes of the Tenth Edition of the Red Bull Rampage, with so many injuries and some unhappy riders maybe it is time for a change?

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Issue 29

We head to the UCI Downhill World Cup in Pietermaritzburg and get a fistful of surprises while we are there!

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