Ebikes have been around for a while now and we’re coming across them more and more frequently on the trails and in the streets. The image of ebikes has been limited and a lot of people seem to view them as a utility vehicle to allow lazy, unfit or old people to get up a hill on their bike… This is a very narrow-minded view.

This video allows us to show that ebikes, or more precisely pedal assisted bikes, are simply fun and pretty entertaining for all! No matter where; whether on the climbs, out of turns or even in between downhill runs!

We have been perfecting our own ebike for several years now. We have built a number of prototypes, we have tested many motors and we have combined them with different types of batteries. However, we couldn’t launch an ebike without a reliable and efficient electric system. No rush!

Then, Shimano released their E8000. Compact, lightweight and powerful motor; ingeniously located display; perfect trigger ergonomics; Bluetooth connection to adjust the set ups and update the system… and the worldwide aftersales service from Shimano!

In a nutshell, it was the perfect time to enter the game!

Even if we joined the ebike bandwagon, we did not want to make things “like the others”. We did not want to design the META POWER around a motor. We wanted it to be a META, with a motor!

From geometry to components, nothing has been overlooked. No compromise. Regarding the battery, we decided to use a “semi-integrated” solution. The stock Shimano battery is simply positioned on the frame to lower the centre of gravity.

The icing on the cake appeared when we were comparing the downhill times between the META and the META POWER (unassisted by the motor). Surprisingly, the times were very close. That day we understood that we reached our goal!

As for those who tried it, they all came back saying:

Can I Keep It?

Sun 27th Aug, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

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