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An amazing idea that restores faith in humanity. The Vague Direction Grant aims to fund and support young people, who have never had the means or the support to go on an adventure before, to get out and experience the outdoors. Imagine if more people could enjoy the benefits of cycling, exercise and adventure. Get involved!

The mission

By providing £1,000 funding, plus mentorship, the Vague Direction Grant aims to empower young people, who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance, to go on a human-powered outdoor adventure journey.

What do you mean, ‘adventure journey’?

What adventure the young person goes on with the money and mentorship is up to them. It could be a big bicycle trip, or a walking expedition across a country, or whatever else they can imagine! All we ask is that the journey is human-powered, takes place outdoors, and that they’re willing to document it through a blog or vlog so grant donors can see their progress.

How does the grant work?

This is a community-funded grant. That means that you can donate! By doing so, you’ll help to empower a young person, between 18-26, to go on a life-changing adventure.

For every £1,000 raised, 100% of it will be passed on to an individual young person to fund their adventure. The fundraising stage will end on the 31st December 2017, and all money raised will fund journeys taking place in 2018.

Who will the grant fund?

The Vague Direction Grant is open to anyone between 18-26 who’s resident in the UK, and we’re aiming to fund and support young people who have never had the means or the support to go on an outdoor adventure before.

To do this, we’ll be seeking video submissions from young people. In their entries, they’ll tell us a little bit about themselves, and propose what adventure they would go on with the £1,000.

The video submissions stage will open at the end of November 2017 and stay open until the end of the year. When the deadline is reached, all of the videos will be reviewed by an adventure panel, who will vote on the successful applicant/s.

When the chosen recipient/s have been announced, we will pass £1,000 on to them directly, and Dave will provide them with mentorship and support in terms of trip planning, equipment sponsorship arrangements, advice about documenting their trip, and more.

The benefits of outdoor adventure are huge

If you’ve arrived on this page, then there’s a good chance you’ve had your own experiences of adventure, so you know about the benefits. Outdoor adventures have the potential to change lives for the better, they can make you who you are. Adventures are jam-packed with personal development experiences, you learn new skills, you build memories that stick with you forever, and you see the world from a different perspective. All those things can be carried forward to make a huge difference in a young persons life.

What to expect by making a donation

Excitingly, through behind-the-scenes updates and videos, you’ll get to see Dave developing the grant from the ground up. You’ll get to watch the trials and tribulations of getting something like this off the ground, you’ll see it all take shape, you’ll see the selection process happen, the panel making the final decision, the money being passed on to the young person and more. But more than all that, you’ll get to then vicariously follow along on the journey of the grant recipient/s, and watch them develop as they go through the process of their adventure journey. All in the knowledge that your donation made it happen.

Donate now

If you believe adventure has the potential to change lives for the better, and if you’ve experienced that first-hand, then please donate and let’s pass it forward: Vague Direction Grant.

Wed 15th Nov, 2017 @ 3:30 am

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