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Peaty's Complete Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Now then – this could be a whole stack of fun! If the winter season leaves you missing your beloved bike then watch this and get your hand in your pocket – it’s snow trike time!

The Hillstrike team 4 years ago marched into the unknown with their bold vision to incorporate the mountain biking experience into winter sports. Lots of development, prototyping and testing had brought the first batch of production ready snowtrikes, available world-wide since the fall of 2015.

In the season 2016/17 the Hillstrike’s first full scale model REV-15 snowtrike was introduced to the masses. Ski resorts in Austria, Switzerland, France and Slovenia (Rent locations) offered the gear for daily rent, so people could give it a shoot and experience the winter alternative to just skiing or snow-boarding. A great success was also the Hillstrike Cup; a 4 stage championship where men and women fought for the prestigious first-to-be Hillstrike champion in Downhill – style organised races (Race on Vogel, Race on Soriška planina).

The snowtrike was also sent up high in the air by the Shizofanatic team, who found snowtrikes to be a worthy alternative to dirt jumping in winter (Shizofanatic FB page). While all this kept the Hillstrike team extremely busy during winter, all other lucky owners of the first batch carved and shredded the fresh powder in their favourite ski resorts and gave the team some thumbs up and motivation with their satisfied comments on the Hillstrike’s Social media outreach (Hillstrike Facebook, Hillstrike Instagram).

The action packed winter proved the point in what the lads from the Hillstrike team believed all along. The snowtrike truly belongs among versatile sport gear that can be used for any type of riding, similar as the bicycle satisfies many different types of riders. The geometry of the frame allows the rider to achieve the speeds of downhill riding while the unique pedal system and custom skies provide comfortable stability on any terrain, from ski pistes to fresh powder.

The control and maneuverability of the trike are alongside handlebars enhanced by the parallelogram system which allows the rider to use the skies with the technique of carving. The snowtrike effectively combines all known approaches of controlling the skies on the snow while adding the stability of a mountain bike to the riding experience. That proved to be a key feature that enabled kids as well as elderly people to have fun with it; distinguishing the snowtrike from other equipment for adrenaline junkies. The design also proved to be ski-resort friendly. Not a single ski lift has been found, that could not take the snowtrike to the top of the mountain safely and in compliance with the rules and chairlift regulations.

With a warm feeling the Hillstrike team carefully examined the usage of their product during the winter and has channelled their freshly obtained knowledge into the development of the brand new model REV-17 that was introduced in late spring 2017 as a banger for the current season. The new model now offers some personalisation with the option to choose your own sticker color. And that is frankly the only thing that can be seen from afar that changed from the previous model, because the true development stays hidden in the improved manufacturing of the frame and optimized components that make the snowtrike even more durable and reliable as before.

At the moment you can find the brand new model REV-17 already in stores across Europe and directly on the web site This time of the year is a perfect opportunity for people to try the new model at one of many Hillstrike events coming up in your favourite ski resort. At the same time the Hillstrike team also encourages any other athlete teams, event organisers or individuals to join their struggle to make this winter an unforgettable one.

The Hillstrike team is also very proud to be 2018’s ISPO brand new finalist! The team is looking forward to an exciting ISPO fair in Munich in the end of January 2018 to meet and greet the snow industry, snow-sport companies and all the supporters.

With high hopes for the Winter in Europe to be as cold as the Summer was last year, the Hillstrike company now expanded also in the Southern hemisphere goes for an all-year-round experience of bringing a fresh sport to icy hilltops of our little blue planet.

Tech Specs

Decals: Apple Green, Blue, Bright Orange, Vivid Red, Panther Rose
Height: 91 Cm (35,8″)
Width: 62 Cm (24,4″)
Length: 186 Cm (73,2″)
Seat/chairlift Hook Height: 51.0 Cm (20,1″)
Stem: Funn Funnduro, Black, Steerer Clamp D: 1-1/8″
Grips: Funn Combat Ii, Grey, Lock on, D: 30mm
Pedals: Funn Big Foot Evo, Black, W105mm X L102mm X H 16.8mm, Removable Pins
Frame: 6082 T6 High-grade Welded Aluminum
Front Suspension: Rockshox Recon Silver, 120mm (4.7″) Travel, 15mm (0.6″) Axle
Hillstrike Skis: Custom Hillstrike Directional Twin Skis 89cm (35″), Full Wood Core, Full Steel Edges
Safety Leash: Coil Leash, Break-away Technology, 3m (10ft) Stretch
Replaceable Parts: Handlebars, Fork, Pedals, Safety Leash, Rubber Joints, Rubber Bumpers and Skis

Tue 9th Jan, 2018 @ 6:30 pm

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