Shred, shred, massive gaps and well, more shred! DarkFEST is headed back to South Africa, this time at a new location in Stellenbosch with a bigger and better course than ever seen before!

“The course is going to look like a combination of some of my favourite jumps I’ve ever ridden! First of all, paying tribute to Nico Vinks Loosefest – Those are some of my favourite jumps ever so we’re planning on building a huge 70-80ft hit like the first. Secondly, a few years back at 9 Knights we built a massive 90 degree hip which you could just blast! This time we’re going to recreate something like that but with no limits to how big you can go. I think the only limit will be how scared you’ll be, which is pretty scared because it’s already looking massive. Last but not least, my personal favourite jump of all time – The DarkFEST step up from last year, we’re going to build another like that to finish off the course with a bang! So expect some big tricks and hopefully some huge air…”

– Sam Reynolds

It’s coming: 10-02-2018

Sun 4th Mar, 2018 @ 6:30 pm

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