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Bluegrass are pleased to announce Mick ‘Sik Mik’ Hannah is joining the family for this season!

Along with his unmistakable style on the bike, Mick will be a major contender for the World Champs this season – making him a perfect ambassador for Bluegrass helmets. We are also looking forward to benefitting from his experience – and our goal is to build a sound and durable relationship.

Hi Mick! How was the off-season? How do you stay occupied?

I have had a great off-season! My wife Kim and I were blessed with the arrival of
our daughter Miya on October 25. Family time has been the focus of this off-season.

Congratulations! You’ve must have been quite busy then. Speaking about training, 2017
was focused on the Worlds. How did you change your preparation for this upcoming

Every year my preparation changes and grows. This year I have been given the
opportunity to work with the James Cook University sports science department from Cairns,
Australia which is really exciting!

What are your goals for 2018?

My goals for this year are to be consistent throughout the season and focus again on World
Championships in Switzerland.

A favorite race / event this year?

I’m looking forward to the Crankworx events a lot this year! Especially with the addition of
Dual Slalom.

It’s fair to say you’re one of the most experienced riders on the circuit. How do you keep
your motivation high year in, year out?

I just love to ride my bike as fast as I can and share that with the fans all around the world.
It’s an amazing job!

Few DH racers are defined by their style and particular tricks on the bike. Your
nickname Sik Mik doesn’t come from nowhere. Do you put it down to your famous

I was given the nickname Sik Mik by a close group of friends when I was maybe 12 years
old. We all rode together a lot and it just developed from the fast and difficult features we built
and rode.

After all those years, what are you looking for when it comes time to choose a new
personal sponsor?

For me the important thing is the people behind the product. A good quality product can
be produced if you have the right people with the right motivation.

One last word?

I’m always excited about beginning a new relationship and it’s no different with Bluegrass.
I believe we have common goals and we both work hard to achieve those goals so the future will
be bright!

Thanks Mick for your time!

Tue 6th Mar, 2018 @ 3:30 am

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