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How good is this?! Take an epic trip through four beautiful countries – Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina – with Richard ‘Gaspi’ Gasperotti, a man seemingly on a mission to Freeride the planet as he continues his journey across the Balkans in style.

This is the 7th Installation of Richard ‘Gaspi’ Gasperotti on the adventure of a free rider (Zam 7):

Zam Tour across four Balkan countries

We are a four-member group of people who love mountain biking including the European rider Richard ‘Gaspi’ Gasperotti as a head of the team. Our project has been called ’zam’ which is referring to Mongolian expression for a journey. We have started in Mongolia in 2012 and since then we have travelled across various countries such as New Mexico, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, Sardinia or our homeland the Czech Republic.

This year, we were thinking about visiting Scotland but just a week before departure we changed our plans and eventually, we headed to Balkan. Our main goal was finding mountain biking communities in countries like Bosnia and Hercegovina or Kosovo that were affected by a war only a few years ago, or Monte Negro and Albania that count to less known if you consider mountain biking. In each country, we made great friends who guided us through their local trails and biking spots. We hope you’ll enjoy the film and maybe get inspired to travel there by yourself.

Fri 19th Oct, 2018 @ 3:30 am

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