Propain recently launched the completely overhauled Tyee Carbon and as many suspected it was only a matter of time until the alloy version receives the same updates. The popular frame was improved and modernised in many aspects.

Aluminum bikes are as popular as ever and Propain was eager to bring the exact same new features of the carbon bike to the alloy version. At first glimpse not much has changed for the Tyee Enduro and Trail bikes. But the inner values are the ones that really matter and beside some design details this is where most of the changes are hidden. At first glimpse not much has changed for the Tyee Enduro and Trail bikes. But the inner values are the ones that really matter and beside some design details this is where most of the changes are hidden.

New Features at a glance

  • New Geometry with a longer reach, a steeper seat angle and a slacker head angle
  • Propain Dirt Shield – double sealed bearing system
  • Smaller bearings have been increased in size to increase durability and reduce maintenance
  • Goodbye front derailleur mount
  • Re-designed and front and rear triangle featuring increased strength and stiffness
  • New linkage layout with more progression for an improved suspension performance and compatibility with coil shocks
  • New downtube protector
  • Larger shock mud guard is keeping the shock nice and clean
  • New vinyl stickers in various new colours providing more options than ever before
  • Classification in category 5 with full Bikepark approval

New Features in Detail

Seat angle

The seat angle was increased to 76° for a more ergonomic climbing position and a more centred weight distribution bringing the rider in the right position to be ready to attack any time.

Reach & Head angle

The Tyee 2019 features an improved modern front triangle geometry with a longer reach and a slacker head angle (65°) improving both climbing and downhill capabilities.

Lower BB

The bottom bracket was lowered to improve handling, stability and the feeling of sitting “in” the bike.

Shock compatibility

A downside of the previous version of the Tyee was the limited compatibility with different shocks. The original design was intended for air shocks only and limited riders in their choice of shocks. The Tyee 2019 has more progressive suspension layout and enough clearance to fit coil shocks and therefore features a massively improved downhill performance.

Among others, these shocks will fit the Tyee 2019:

  • Rock Shox – Deluxe / Super Deluxe
  • FOX – Float / Float DPX2
  • Cane Creek – Double Barrel / Inline
Shock leverage ratio

The total progression of the shock leverage ratio is increased from 15% to 30% to make sure the kinematics are suited to the more linear behaviour of coil shocks which are now compatible with the Tyee frame. The change in the kinematics also resulted in increased beginning stroke sensitivity, improved mid stroke support and increased bottom out resistance.


The anti-squat of the original Tyee was set to around 75% in the climb gears. Shifting down at higher speeds resulted in gradually less anti-squat but increased suspension performance which gets increasingly important with higher speeds. It proved to be a great suspension setup providing both climbing efficiency and class leading high-speed traction.
Due to the higher sensitivity of coil shocks the anti-squat of the new Tyee was increased by about 10% to make sure no squatting occurs during climbing.



As with all current models Propain gives their customers full control over how they want to build their new bike. Propain only provides feature recommendations from entry level through to high-end parts enabling customers to change all parts to their liking. Pricing sees the Tyee ranging between €2.265 and €5.700.

Tyee AM

The chief’s “little brother” is a trail bike with Enduro gens. Some bike magazines that have tested this bike in the past have therefore named it Trailduro. But it’s not there to define a new bike category, it’s simply a playful trailbike that is not scared of some serious downhill action. The Tyee AM is also offered in three different pre-configured builds that can be further adapted to your needs. Prices range from €2.265 for the entry level model and €5.150 for the high-end one.

The Tyee and the Tyee AM are now available from the Propain online shop.


Sat 1st Dec, 2018 @ 12:30 am

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