When you’re travelling at a billion mph and your face is inches from cars, walls, steps and lamp posts – and just a second’s hesitation away from eating the tarmac – you know you’re riding urban downhill. Rémy Métailler takes us on a crazy run down Taxco DH track with some insane drops and turns!

“This year’s track was so fun! Super fast on some sections and very tech on others. 2 min full gaz down the streets of Taxco! First run was more a test than anything. I was on a great second run but had a little stop on a wall which put me off the competition.

“Not gonna lie, I went back to Taco to try to win again not to get 4th. Definitely will be back next year. I enjoy those events way too much.”

Mon 17th Dec, 2018 @ 3:30 am

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