Are you ready to tackle more downhill trails? The Box One 7 Speed DH Drivetrain is durable, reliable, and transitions from gear to gear with up to 5 shifts at a time. Compatible with the Box Two 11-24T DH cassette, this groupset shifts smoothly and provides a lightweight construction so downhill racers can focus on the finish line. The Box One 7 Speed DH Drivetrain groupset includes the following:

Box One 7 Speed DH Twin Shifter


Lightweight Machined Clamp
Dual Action Release Lever
1 Piece Die Cast Pull Lever with Up to 5 Gears Per Shift


Material: Aluminum • Glass Fiber / Nylon Composite
Hardware: Aluminum • Hardened Alloy Steel
Finish: Hard Onyx™

Box One 7 Speed DH Rear Derailleur


Precision Sealed Bearing Pulleys
Durable 3D Forged Linkages
Adjustable Tri-Pack™ Limited Slip Clutch


Material: Aluminum • Carbon Fiber / Nylon Composite
Cassette Max Cog Size: 24T
Hardware: Aluminum • Chromoly Steel
Finish: Hard Onyx™

Box One 11 Speed Chain


Lightweight Hollow Pin Construction
Nickel Plated Protection


Material: Hardened Alloy Steel
Inner Plate: Solid
Outer Plate: Solid
Pin: Hollow
Finish: Silver Nickel Plated

Box Two 7 Speed 11-24 Tooth DH Cassette


Individual Cogs with DH Spacer
Standard Freehub Body


Material: Hardened Alloy Steel
Gears: 11 – 13 – 15 – 17 – 19 – 21 – 24
Finish: ED Black

The Box One 7 Speed DH Rear Derailleur features the Adjustable Tri-Pack Limited Slip Clutch™, Durable 3D Forged Linkages, and Pivot-Tech™.

Adjustable Tri-Pack Limited Slip Clutch™

The Adjustable Tri-Pack limited slip clutch™ is an innovative chain damper that vastly reduces derailleur cage bounce and chain slap. The system also maintains tension for better chain wrap. At its core is a clutch pack, that is capable of providing a large amount of force in a small package. Clutch force can be adjusted to give the user the ability to tune their setup to the desired balance of shifter feel and chain retention. This version is also serviceable.

Durable 3D Forged Linkages

Impact resistance is greatly improved by way of forging — a key manufacturing process that strengthens critical components. Tested at the premier freeride event of the season — Red Bull® Rampage — this new construction has proven itself capable of performing at the highest level.


Impact resistant, spring-loaded cable stay keeps cable, housing & you out of harm’s way.

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