Did you ever think your bike would be connected directly to the Internet, have built-in cameras or be able to call the emergency services in the event of an accident?

Croatia’s capital was the venue of the unveiling of the new line of electric mountain bikes created by Greyp Bikes. The development and production of this new model marks the turning point in Greyp’s development, shifting the emphasis from power & speed to smartness & connectivity and creating a new biking experience along the way.

The Greyp G6 started with an idea not to develop “just” another e-bike, but to take the opportunities that electrification, connectivity, gamification and lots of creativity to bring something unique to the market. It took 4 years of intense research, development and testing to get to the final product, which was shown today for the first time.

“Unlike traditional bike manufacturers that are basically combining push-bikes with electrical components, we have developed the bike around an electrical drivetrain, a bunch of sensors and advanced connectivity. The systems features and eco-system that we are showing today are much more important than the bike itself. I believe that we succeeded in combining both cycling and the digital experience by integrating sensors and cameras, connecting bikes to the internet and developing an eco-system to create a completely new riding experience. We invested four years into the development. We believe this bike is the turning point for our company, and if I can put my modesty aside for a moment, will stir up the industry at least a little bit”, Mate Rimac stated.

One of the main features of the G6 is that the smartphone has become the main user interface. Unlike most existing e-mountain bikes, the G6 is full of built-in-sensors that collect a vast amount of data which is then being processed, streamed to the internet and then put into context. This allows the bike to participate in rider’s decisions and in some cases, even to make decisions on its own. For example, G6 adapts the level of the motor assistance based on the rider’s heart rate, connecting the bike’s behavior to the rider’s heart. It can also detect accidents and start an emergency call procedure.

The G6 is, unlike its predecessor, a pedelec model which means that the rider is assisted by the electric motor, but the assistance stops as the rider stops pedaling. Built-in connectivity enables riders to send commands to their bikes, even when the rider and the bike are not in the same location or. The owner can, for example, remotely acquire photos from the two integrated cameras to see what is going on around the bike and “kill” the bike if somebody want to steal it. The connectivity also enables competitions and content sharing in real time, turning the G6 into a gaming or competition platform. Integrated cameras are always recording, so the rider will not miss a single moment, which makes them perfect for sharing on social media. More than 50 telemetry data-sets are being recorded, some of those being the rider’s power output, bike inclination, g-force, barometric pressure, speed, cadence, rider’s heartrate and many more. All of this will help riders gain more insight into the bike and their habits, have fun, train, compete, share, play and start experiencing bike riding in a whole new way.

The new generation of Greyp bikes is constantly connected to the internet via eSIM technology. Constant connectivity allows advance features like remote control, data analysis, sharing, networking and many more that will create completely new riding experiences. eSIM technology that enables constant connectivity comes from Croatian Telecom (Hrvatski Telekom) and puts Greyp G6 alongside the most advanced high-tech products worldwide. Each Greyp G6 bike will be delivered with an already activated internet connection without the need for a physical SIM card or additional account with a telecom provider.

As the leaders of the digital transformation of Croatia, we are creating a stimulating environment for innovation and the use of new technologies. We are proud of the partnership with Greyp, one of the most innovative domestic companies, where we have succeeded together in implementing eSIM technology into a completely new product. Hrvatski Telekom is the leader within Deutsche Telecom in developing this technology. By implementing an advanced vision of connectivity enabled by eSIM technology, the new Greyp bikes allow one to create a whole new cycling experience. The users of this most technologically advanced bicycle will be constantly connected to the internet and will thus be able to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the best mobile network, that of Hrvatski Telekom,“ said Nataša Rapaić, a member of the Management Board of Hrvatski Telekom and Chief Operating Officer Residential.

Beside all electronics and software, G6 is still a thoroughbred off-road machine. The frame is a carbon fiber reinforced composite chassis, the geometry is enduro-oriented on 27,5+ tires and 150mm of front and rear suspension travel, made possible by RockShox suspension components.

Electrical drivetrain is a gem on its own. The battery pack and integrated BMS (Battery Management System), developed and manufactured by Greyp, are some of the most compact in the industry, but still having an exceptional capacity of 700 Wh, more than most of the players in the industry. The motor, manufactured by MPF Drive, has Greyp specific firmware which allows excellent control but still powerful torque and natural feel.

With all its features and stunning looks, Greyp G6 is for sure a big milestone for Greyp Bikes and just might be, as Mate Rimac said, a turning point for the cycling industry.

Sun 17th Mar, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

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