Have you ever watched any of the videos over the last few years of the Athertons riding those incredible trails that they’ve built over the years in their local area and thought, “Wow, wish I could go ride those trails” – well! Now you can! See below for the official information from the crew themselves:

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Dan Atherton invites you to ride his big mountain trails at Dyfi Bike Park

Dan Atherton and the Dyfi Bike Park crew are delighted to announce that they are now accepting bookings through their new website http://www.dyfibikepark.co.uk.

For the last four years Dan and his dig crew have worked tirelessly to create some of the most diverse tracks imaginable set in 650 acres of estate forest where they’ll initially be offering four black trails.

The park’s uplift will be serviced by a fleet of Landrovers, with the uplift to ride-time ratio a particular highlight; an 11 minute uplift earns you at least 5 minutes descent – at race pace!

Dan said “My whole life I’ve been searching for that perfect mix of maximum elevation with long descents and really varied terrain; the land here falls from a 666m peak at Tarren y Gesail almost to sea level, on the South side of the mountain we have mellow gradients and amazing dirt, perfect for our jumpline “50 Hits” and on the North, slabs of bedrock, roots and rocks create the perfect natural terrain for the downhill tracks.

People have been talking about this place for years, it’s amazing how much appetite there has been to come and ride but the truth is the tracks weren’t ready. When you do come and ride here you can see why, its like nothing else, 50 Hits is machine built top to bottom, that’s a slow process when you don’t have a big budget, in other places, getting down to the bedrock meant digging through a metre of clay. We’ve only scratched the surface, the start ramps are only two-thirds of the way up the hill right now so there’s plenty of room for more.

We’ve tackled a lot of major projects over the years but this one has taken things to the next level, we’ve never worked so hard!  The physical building task has been matched by a similar load of admin, The transactional issues around the purchase of a 650 acre forest and the drive to secure funding have taken almost as much time and effort as the track build itself. The project has been funded out of our own pockets, no government grants, no investors; there’s absolutely no way we’d have got this done without the guts, determination and perseverance of a passionate crew who have given this project everything.”

Follow @dyfibikepark on Instagram & Facebook  and sign up to the website for updates.

(All photos Moonhead Media / William Carey Photography)

Fri 12th Jul, 2019 @ 9:30 pm

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