A little bit like MTV’s ‘Cribs’, in this video we get to take a tour around Rémy Métaillers’ rather swanky looking garage and his huge collection of bikes. Does anyone here have a garage to rival this?

Welcome to my new garage!

I bought a new home in December and it has a two car garage with a large space at the back. Pretty ideal to storage my bikes, maintain them, train…

Even though it is plenty of space, I have a lot of stuff and need to organize it perfectly. I wanted to put the bikes on the wall to save space, and make the access either. After some researches I reached out to Steady Rack, a company from Australia that makes bike racks for your home and garage.

Steady Rack sponsored that video and I’m very pleased with the results. Easy to install, looks great and I saved lots of space but also made it easier to grab my bikes.

The garage will still receive some improvements, but it’s getting very close to be like I want it!

Video filmed by Alexandre Chapellier

Sun 21st Jul, 2019 @ 6:30 pm

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