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GO3 Camera by Insta360

How gorgeous does this look?! Commencal are celebrating 20 years of heritage with this beautiful, limited edition Meta AM 29 XX Edition decked out with some of the finest componentry currently available. Want one? You’ll need to be quick as this XX Edition is limited to just 100 models worldwide, priced from 6999 Euros in Europe, $6999 over in the States.

Here’s the full info from Commencal:

Starting from scratch in the 80’s wasn’t easy. Starting again from scratch in the year 2000 was another story. In the midst of the giants of the industry, how do we make our mark? Simply by following our path. The one that involves competing.

We spend all our energy (and our money ) on getting to the top steps of world class podiums. Sometimes it works and we spray champagne. We love champagne. Maybe sometimes it’s not enough. That’s sport. But every time we move forward we learn. We learn from winners and champions who keep us busy pushing us to raise our game by demanding ever more efficient products from us.

Miguel Martinez, Christophe Dupouey, Rémy Absalon, Rachel, Gee & Dan Atherton, Cédric Gracia, Romain Saladini, Anne-Caroline Chausson, Rémi Thirion, Myriam Nicole, Cécile Ravanel, Thibaut Daprela, Amaury Pierron. So many big names who won their first major titles in our colours. Loads of reasons to look back on these 20 years with huge pride. In order to celebrate this landmark, at first we thought about making a vintage bike, which would represent our colourful history.

But at 20, we’re not really old enough to be nostalgic yet. We’ll have time for that in the future. At this age we’re full of ideas and energy. We look forward. So we have created a bike that steers towards the future.


A sleek bike with the all new SRAM AXS wireless transmission and seat post. A design with a bit of bling (of course!) with its pearly white paint and oil slick graphics. It’s a bike that really represents us. And because we wanted this bike to be super special we decided to produce just 100 of them.

We’ve made 100 but only 99 will be for sale. We’re keeping one for our museum. Because one day there will come a time when we’ll be old enough to sit down and reflect. When we’ll look back and come across this bike. And hopefully we will be proud. – Commencal

Tue 27th Aug, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

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