“When I explore new paths I always have the same feeling, that knot in my stomach that grows with the uncertainty of the unknown. What will I discover? . It is something that makes me go out once after another on a trip to meet new regions, countries and remote areas. But what I did not expect is that very close to the place where I live was an adventure that would take me to know villages with a great historical-artistic heritage inherited from their Christian and Islamic past. Mountains like the Moncayo loaded with legends and fantasies: from the Celtiberians to Becquer through Roman mythology, Christian miracles and popular fantasy, which together nest and grow in caves and pools in the area.

A recent network of trails created in the Soria region allows us to practice our favourite sport in a fun way and at the same time know much of the history and heritage of its most remote villages and towns. For this occasion I have chosen one of the mountains that I have been appreciating and admiring since my childhood, El Moncayo. The province of Soria proposes an upward path that starts from Ágreda to Vozmediano – there the Queiles River emerges in gusts of one thousand five hundred litres of water per second at the same birth -, on a path of pine, oak, beech and freshness which will lead to San Miguel Peak, at 2,300 meters altitude.

To maintain this high level I decided to complete my trip by moving to the Highlands of Soria. Tierras Altas or La Sierra, as its inhabitants popularly know it, is a region of the province of Soria, which is located in the north of the province. An unsurpassed beauty that hides stone villages and mountain people. A prehistoric landscape that hides beautiful unpopulated villages that make us imagine and intuit as they were in the past.”

If you are looking for more information about the province of Soria and all that it has to offer you can visit its website: http://www.sorianitelaimaginas.com


Wed 11th Sep, 2019 @ 9:30 pm

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