Pair of Faceplant Sunglasses

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Pair of Faceplant Sunglasses

Ever wondered what it’s like to ride or even race at night? Well, jump on board for this weeks Ultimate Adventure!

In episode 2 I head out to explore what’s on my doorstep, riding along the Iconic Southdowns way en route to a night Enduro Race 10 miles away. Question is, did I win!? Watch the video to find out. Im super lucky to work and ride for Exposure lights, the best in the business. If you haven’t ever ridden at night you have got to try it! It turns your local trails into a whole new playground, keeping those skills sharp and you on the bike through the inevitable dark UK winters. What a day out it was, 11 hours door to door and one hell of an Adventure!

Next week Episode 3 is up North racing a crazy Mass Start snow race in Scotland, make sure you don’t miss an episode by following @UltimateUSE.components and @olicartermtb.

– Oli Carter

Wed 11th Sep, 2019 @ 3:30 am

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