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Mountain Bike Reviews - Ultimate Sports Engineering Helix 2018
Mountain Bike Reviews - Ultimate Sports Engineering Helix 2018
Ultimate Sports Engineering Helix

USE's new Helix dropper is their first foray into the world of the dropper seat post. They have been producing suspension seatposts for some time and brought that knowledge and experience to the Helix. British made, the Helix uses a mechanical system and removes the need for air and oil by using a helical shaft and a clutch system. The…

5 days ago

Join Oli Carter for the second instalment of his experience raci ng the 2019 Trans-Madeira event earlier on in the year. The Best week I…

2 weeks ago

  Episode 5 Follow's Oli Carter for One week racing across Madeira on the most insane and diverse trails in the world. The Best week…

3 weeks ago

The Best UK MTB Race!? Turn up with your bike, we will sort out the rest… All you need to do is Race across Exmoor…

1 month ago

In this week’s Ultimate Adventures we squeeze in 2 big Enduro races into 1 weekend. First off Heading north to Scotland for the crazy Mass…

1 month ago

Ever wondered what it's like to ride or even race at night? Well, jump on board for this weeks Ultimate Adventure! In episode 2 I…

12 months ago

The dropper post has been with us now for enough years that we struggle to see far enough back to a time when stopping to…

Issue 56

Merida's brand new 120 hits the trails alongside bikes from Rocky mountain, Vitus and Marin. We see what Gwin's brakes are all about, try USE's new Helix dropper post and press Reset on 661s latest full face helmet.

1 year ago

Designing and manufacturing market leading performance cycling components in the UK at the foot of the South Downs. Founded 1990. To design and manufacture the best in cycling hardware to beused the world over for improving performance and enjoyment of cycling, because we love it too. Mountain biking shop 01798 839300

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