The dropper post has been with us now for enough years that we struggle to see far enough back to a time when stopping to lower your saddle was an actual thing, but it was, and the advent of the dropper was arguably one of the biggest leaps in mountain bike technology in recent times. They sit in the ‘game changer’ category with those other objects of necessity: suspension forks, disc brakes, and tubeless tyres.

For 2018 we were spoiled with a plethora of uppy-downy devices from a broad range of manufacturers featuring an equally broad range of technologies and systems. So here, to rationalise it all down for you, and in no particular order, are the best dropper posts of 2018 a la IMB:

9point8 Fall Line Dropper Post 2018

If it's big drop you are after then the Fall Line is here for you. Available in up to 200mm drop it is one of the longest dropper posts on the market. That said, it also has options down to 75mm for those who need only a frugal amount of travel. This version is the 175mm drop Fall Line with…...

Excellent lever and ease of installation make for a truly great dropper post. The seat clamp is one of the best, and the whole package is one of solidity and quality. With shim adjustments, it’s easy to get the perfect drop and with the competitive weight, it completes an awesome package. The only niggle will be the price which may put it out of reach for some.

Fox Racing Shox Transfer Factory Dropper Post 2018

FOX had a slightly bumpy start to the world of droppers with their DOSS post, which wasn't badly received by the mountain bike world but lacked the finesse and style of modern FOX components. Enter the Transfer, with a better name, looks to kill and ready to compete with the best. The Transfer here is their Factory version, but unlike…...

FOX’s quality comes through with the Transfer to produce a beautiful dropper post that delivers in function and reliability. A long drop option would be welcome, but 150mm will be plenty for most. The price will be restrictive and the additional cost of the remote is a bit jarring, but it sits comfortably up there with the other premium posts.

Ultimate Sports Engineering Helix 2018

USE's new Helix dropper is their first foray into the world of the dropper seat post. They have been producing suspension seatposts for some time and brought that knowledge and experience to the Helix. British made, the Helix uses a mechanical system and removes the need for air and oil by using a helical shaft and a clutch system. The…...

Very well made mechanical post that removes the issues found on air/oil style systems. Plenty of size options including a long drop will appeal to many riders providing they can get the post to insert far enough into their frame. Precise and rattle free, the Helix is an excellent piece of engineering that offers reliability, quality construction and great action.

FUNN Updown Funn Internal 2018

This is the second generation of the Updown dropper from Funn. The first was not without its problems, but this new, internally routed post claims to have solved all the previous issues. Available in 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameter, the post comes with either a 125mm or a 150mm drop. Internally it contains a sealed cartridge, which can be removed, and…...

A solid and reliable post, an entirely different proposition than the previous version. The cartridge system may not allow much scope for the home mechanic to fettle, but the consistency of action and ability to deal with any bounce issues is great. At £195 it’s competitively priced and offers a cost-effective way to get a quality dropper post.

Manitou Jack Dropper Post 2018

With the arrival of Jack, Manitou have at last joined the party and released their first dropper post into an increasingly wide selection of rival seat posts. The more weather-beaten readers among you will be long familiar with Manitou, they’ve got a great pedigree going back to 1990 – when Doug Bradbury build the first Manitou fork with 1.5 of…...

Overall it’s a solid, good value post and a promising entry to the market for Manitou. Both the weight and the short overall length are impressive, and we love the smooth action and solid feel of it in use. With a more ergonomic trigger that did away with the vulnerable bar-top gooseneck, it would be an excellent post. We’d recommend the Jack to any rider looking for a light, reliable and easy to set up post, particularly those short of seat tube height in their frame. If you’re running a single chainring consider upgrading the trigger to one of the many compatible aftermarket ones from Wolftooth, Fox, KS, Raceface or other low profile, repositionable remotes.

X-Fusion Manic Dropper Post 2018

The dropper seat post market is without a doubt currently saturated, with options from numerous brands of varying acclaim. For a product that has very few necessary requirements there sure is a lot of choice. The classic adage for bike parts, is cheap, light, strong; choose two. I guess this ties in with the dropper well, but it also comes…...

All told, the X-Fusion Manic dropper post has surpassed all our expectations. Whilst it isn’t the lightest on the market, the reliability, adjustability, price point and great user experience win out every time. A great dropper for those on a budget, or just wanting a quality piece of reliable kit

RockShox Reverb Dropper Post 2018

One of the first droppers to dominate the market, the Reverb has been around for what now feels like forever. Opting to be hydraulically actuated, the Reverb has always stood out from the crowd and trod its own path. This latest version sees travel upped to 170mm (other options available) but the new lever is the star of the show…...

Considered by some to be the industry standard, it is hard to disagree too strongly. The user experience is one of the best, with the hydraulically activated system giving great feel especially with the new lever. Some may prefer the familiarity of a cable-actuated system, but there is no doubt the hydraulics do work for this post. It comes in at the upper end of the price bracket, especially as the market is getting competitive, but the Reverb is still one of the best posts out there.

Sat 10th Nov, 2018 @ 9:30 am

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