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Mountain Bike Reviews - X-Fusion Trace 36 HLR 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - X-Fusion Trace 36 HLR 2019
X-Fusion Trace 36 HLR

X Fusion has quietly been producing suspension goods over the past decade. Hidden within their range have been some absolute gems and they continue to surprise with some impressive products. Their dropper post for one is an example of a great piece of kit. What's been missing for a while has been a long travel 29er fork and the Trace…

Mountain Bike Reviews - X-Fusion Manic Dropper Post 2018
Mountain Bike Reviews - X-Fusion Manic Dropper Post 2018
X-Fusion Manic Dropper Post

The dropper seat post market is without a doubt currently saturated, with options from numerous brands of varying acclaim. For a product that has very few necessary requirements there sure is a lot of choice. The classic adage for bike parts, is cheap, light, strong; choose two. I guess this ties in with the dropper well, but it also comes…

2 months ago

Mr Cotic Bikes himself, Cy Turner, talks us through the latest sled to come out of the Sheffield based company's workshop - the Cotic Flare.…

9 months ago

Alpine Style The Alpine Trail was one of my favourite bikes from 2018. combining some great geometry, cool parts and a friendly price tag to…

1 year ago

The dropper post has been with us now for enough years that we struggle to see far enough back to a time when stopping to…

1 year ago

Don't forget to check out the new Cotic RocketMAX that launched yesterday! This long-travel 29er is ready for lift off!

2 years ago

If you thought that 26 inch wheels had had their day then think again! Cotic, the British manufacturer of amazing steel bikes, have confirmed another…

2 years ago

Steel, it's still real! For some years now, Cotic has been continually testing and refining their big wheeled prototypes. Changes to angles, stem lengths and…

2 years ago

Van rolling, dirt sliding, groove riding, loam spraying madness from George and Henry Kerr! We thought we'd seen everything there was to see in MTB…

2 years ago

Never let it be said that longer isn't better, though it's obviously what you do with it that counts. And what can you do with…

3 years ago

This is what it must feel like to have all of the best bits of your riding memories packed in to one two-minute edit! The…

3 years ago

What goes up, must come down! Wales, not just famous for it's outstanding bike parks, has some of the finest mountain bike riding going, as…

3 years ago

Get ready for some of the neatest, smoothest riding you'll see all weekend from Olly Wilkins putting the single pivot Focus Vice to good use…

3 years ago

Anyone who remembers playing in the woods in the 90s will know the heritage behind DMR, but what happens when you no longer want to…

Issue 60

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

5 months ago
Issue 59

From fast XC to super long enduro, we have a big range this month. Bikes from Pole, Cube, Ragley and Marin are tested along with Motion's crazy linkage fork, and kit from Leatt, Julbo, X-Fusion and Marzocchi.

7 months ago
Issue 58

Clive Forth is on hand with the technique once again, this issue he is looking at going around corners with speed and style there is plenty more inside too!

9 months ago
Issue 54

This issue it’s all about contrast, with hot, short travel trail bikes from Pivot and Marin alongside Merida's long travel ebike. Dropper posts get put through the test machine as we try out five of the best on the market.

2 years ago
Issue 48

This issue we have bikes from Rocky Mountain, Liv, Merida, DMR, Orange and Rose, and we check out SRAMs new ShockWiz and Magura’s MT7 brakes!

3 years ago
Issue 28

Upgrade Bikes are offering the all new and most excellent X-Fusion Sweep 160mm 27.5 fork for this issues prize!

6 years ago

X-Fusion Shox is a bicycle suspension manufacturer specializing in high-end suspension forks, rear shocks and adjustable height seat post. X-Fusion Shox is a bicycle suspension manufacturer specializing in high-end suspension forks, rear shocks and adjustable height seat post. X-Fusion was established in 1999 as a bicycle suspension manufacture. Over the last decade, we at X-Fusion have built and supported our brand globally by establishing Distributors and Service Centers all over the world. The focus has not just been to create amazing suspension products for consumers, but to stand behind our products and build strong relationships with customers. In recent years we have gained even more momentum toward our goals with the addition of key industry figures having the experience needed to escalate the brand and the products. This decade begins with a whole new look for X-Fusion and it’s products that lead the industry in performance and value. With our sights still set far beyond, only more great products are to come from X-Fusion. Our passion for mountain biking shines through our employees, athletes and loyal customers. X-Fusion has been very involved with elite competition in North America where our Western Headquarters is located and has expanded to supporting athletes internationally in recent years. We are committed to having some of the worlds best riders working with us and promoting our products. Having programs like ODI X-Fusion, Troupe Racing and Black Market, and riders like Aaron Chase, Andrew Taylor, Mike Vine, Tyler McCaul have all helped to show our brand’s personality. X-Fusion represents people that want to have a great time on quality suspension. Whether it be our elite athletes or employees on an evening ride we are all just having fun. 1999 Sporting goods shop (775) 391-0783 ££

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