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If this video doesn’t get you stoked to get out on a big mountain biking road trip somewhere then we don’t know what will! Follow Tito and friends as they head north from Mexico through to Canada checking out a whole bunch of riding spots along the way

The trip goes on! After Mexico we drove north to Texas. We came back to southern California where we really started our trip in the USA, with incredible ride along the coast. We stop in Santa Cruz for a bit, surfing and biking before heading to San Francisco and the bay area, riding the mecca of Mountain Biking in Marin county.

After this region we drove inland to Yosemite for some hikes in this incredible park, where we loved walking but also learning about the natives and the story of the valley.

Crossing the Tioga we went to lake Tahoe for 10 days of awesome rides and rest, I was lucky to explore a lot and even managed to do the rim trail, 215 kilometers around the lake on sick trails. The views were gorgeous and the place is perfect for adventures. After Tahoe area we drove to Downieville and the Sierra Nevada for more rocky trails and good time in the mountain, we found some awesome camping spot witch made our trip even better. Rolling north we eventually entered Oregon and rode Ashland’s trail first. This area is full of fast and jumpy trail, but it was too dry to enjoy it really. But in Mt Hood area I found a strong network of trails in the backcountry, with epic rides and huge potential. I loved the place, the riding and the views on the Mt Hood!

We finally drove further north to cross the line to Washington state and spent a few days in Bellingham. This was incredible to visit and to discover, the place is really important in the mountain biking history with iconic magazine, brands and shops settled here. I love the vibration of the community, the trails and the spirit here. Looking for more!

We had to go to BC earlier, where I could start to ride North Vancouver and the famous place like Squamish and more, but this is for the next episode.

Thanks for watching, for sharing and for your support!

Life is precious.


Tue 3rd Sep, 2019 @ 6:30 pm

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