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Over the last five years, Trans-Cascadia has evolved to be more than a 4-day backcountry enduro. The non-profit’s mission to promote and build sustainable trails throughout the Pacific Northwest has created a passionate community and united once-divided user groups. Working year-round with the forest service and land managers, the Trans-Cascadia team continues to establish and maintain backcountry routes that were previously impassable.

 “We’ve actually got to be well beyond 3000 hours for 2019 at this point,” says Volunteer Coordinator Ben McCormack, “just given the number of folks that we’ve got out here and we’re pulling 10-hour days pretty regularly. We did a lot of work last year, but we’ve been able to multiply that by a little bit this year which is cool to see.”

As the team finishes up the last of the details for this year’s Trans-Cascadia race – beginning September 26 – in partnership with Freehub Magazine they are kicking off a three-part series that takes a look behind the scenes. From advocacy to hands-on work and from racing to good times, these edits give a full view of what Trans-Cascadia has become and inspires ideas of what may be possible for the future of mountain bike access.

“We’ve been really lucky with our volunteers and especially the community that surrounded the race from day one,” says Alex Gardner, Trans-Cascadia Producer. “We all work hard towards our goals, but we also make sure everybody gets a taste of what their efforts give – and that brings it all together.”

With three heavily attended work parties completed in Washington State this year, the team is beyond excited to welcome a new and returning batch of racers to enjoy their efforts in just two weeks.

Ten for Trails: Win a New Bike!

To further their advocacy efforts, Trans-Cascadia has created Ten For Trails. Each $10 donation increases the chance of winning a Santa Cruz Megatower and all proceeds from the raffle will benefit the continued work of Trans-Cascadia.

More about Ten for Trails: https://trans-cascadia.com/tenfortrails

Website: https://trans-cascadia.com/

Sun 22nd Sep, 2019 @ 6:30 pm

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