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Peaty's Complete Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters on the planet, is not only known for sending his opponents to the deck of the cage but also enjoys sending it on his local trails on the mountain bike. YT Industries hooked the 36-year-old American up with a sick custom-painted CAPRA to send it into the New Year on.

Freeride legend Cam Zink represented the YT Family and stopped by Cowboy’s ranch to drop off a brand-new custom-specced and All-American camo-painted CAPRA 29. Cerrone, who is already in preparation for a big fight coming up in January, took the time to spend some time with Zink and go for a ride.

Who is Cowboy Cerrone and where does the nickname come from?

I am a badass motherfucker, an adventure seeking adrenaline junkie. I am currently ranked fourth in the lightweight division of the UFC. Cowboy is like my real name. My Grandparents, Mum and Dad have been calling me Cowboy since I was a little kid.

Where does your passion for mountain biking stem from?

Basically, I think someone just suggested ‘let’s go mountain biking’ and we just went for it. I just thought it looked like fun. I just think we caught the wind of the vibe. It is so funny the term ‘It’s like riding a bike’, seems completely wrong to me. When I first bought a mountain bike and started riding, I was like ‘how do I ride a bike?’ Basically, I was relearning everything again. I hadn’t been on a bike in years until about 4 years ago.

I enjoy the downhill adrenaline, white-knuckle riding of mountain biking. But I also enjoy the crazy physical side of the uphill climbing, geared towards the training camp. It is just another avenue I can pursue and not be in the gym lifting weights or running. I can use it as a crazy intense leg and endurance work out. It is also great training mentally. You get tired and fatigued going up, on the way down you need to be able to answer all the questions of jumping, pulling, sitting, turning, lifting. There is so much that has to go into staying sharp, because you know that if there is any ill play, you are going OTB.

What do you enjoy most about riding mountain bikes?

I tell my guys that if you are not scared to death at least once a day, then we are doing something wrong. I like the mental growth of making yourself do things that you normally wouldn’t do within your comfort zone. The better you get and the more in shape you get the harder you can push it. I remember the first time hitting little jumps. Now, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. That to me is what I love the most. It keeps you young. When the old man comes knocking, I just don’t let him in.

Where do you ride?

New Mexico is where we live and have all our bikes. We have ridden in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Las Vegas, Canada and down in Mexico. There is lots of good riding down here on the border. I would say Vancouver and Whistler are the best when it is all about fun. But I also like trails that aren’t really that groomed. New Mexico and Colorado have some awesome trails. There is a place called Otero Canyon here and it is pretty gnarly. It is probably my favorite place to ride. The rockier, the better. I especially enjoy having to pick your lines when riding uphill.

How do you fit MTB into your packed training schedule?

I have my coaches and we are constantly training. But if something fun pops up, I am gone. For instance, if it snows tomorrow, then we are going to be hitting the hills and going snowmobiling. Same thing with mountain biking. If someone calls me to go for a ride, I go for a ride. But you also get such a crazy physical workout through the riding, that my coaches don’t mind it. We are cranking and pushing hard. It also breaks the monotony of hitting pads, wrestling, jujitsu. You’re gonna get burnt out doing the same thing over and over, so it’s cool to change the training up a little bit. I love it man.

  • Frame: YT CAPRA 29 Custom Paint
  • Pedals: Crankbrothers Mallet E 11 Black/Gold Spring
  • Wheelset: Crankbrothers Synthesis E11 29“
  • Headset + Custom Topcap: Acros AZX-203
  • Tires: Maxxis DHF 29×2.50 EXO+ und Maxxis DHR 29×2.40 EXO+
  • Grips: ODI Elite Motion Lock On
  • Saddle: SDG Radar MTN YT Custom
  • Chainguide: E*THIRTEEN TRS Plus
  • Fork: ROCKSHOX Lyrik Ultimate RC2 29” 170mm RED 42mm Offset
  • Shock: ROCKSHOX Super Deluxe Ultimate RCT 230×60
  • Brakes: SRAM Code RSC, 200mm SRAM Centerline Rotors
  • Stem: Truvativ Descendant 40mm
  • Handlebars: Truvativ Descendant 800mm
  • Seatpost: ROCKSHOX Reverb AXS 150mm
  • Drivetrain: SRAM Eagle X01 Chain, Cassette, Shifter, Crank + PF92 Bottom Bracket

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