Canyon Bikes have recently revealed their latest e-bike in their range, the new Spectral:ON in carbon fibre flavour. With prices for the full bike starting from £4299 and available in a variety of different build kits, is this on your new e-bike list? More info from Canyon below:

As the trail bike in our EMTB line up, the Spectral:ON is the weapon of choice for getting those extra runs on your local hill. With a lighter frame and improved weight distribution thanks to a new carbon construction and integrated battery, we wanted to find how just how capable the Spectral:ON is. Sit back and enjoy what happened when three members of the Canyon [CLLCTV] James Farrar, Freddy Pulman and Phil Auckland took the bikes out for their version of a ‘trail ride’.

The new Spectral:ON on

Fri 20th Mar, 2020 @ 3:30 am

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