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Back before the world went crazy and Pandemic merely invoked the name of a movie, Chris Ball, founder of the Enduro World Series, shares his reasons and motivations for bringing this series to life.

“A lot has changed in the months since we filmed that piece,” says Chris Ball. “But we’re just as motivated as ever to deliver the best – and safest – experience possible for riders. We discussed timing this content to align with the first event of the series, but both Giro and the staff at EWS agreed that this week would be best. The world needs more positive stories right now and optimism for the future. Hopefully, this stuff inspires some daydreams of better days ahead.”

This collection of Giro x EWS gear is a tribute to the global phenomenon that’s taken mountain bike racing to new heights around the world. It is genuinely unrivalled as the ultimate showdown for elite racers. The pro rider battles that have played out in recent years are the stuff of legend. But what sets EWS apart, what we find so incredibly captivating, is that you don’t have to be one of the world’s top-100 riders to experience it.

Whether you’re a veteran pro, an aspiring amateur or saddled with a fulltime desk job, EWS is as good as it gets. The courses are notoriously rugged – pushing your bike and body to their limits – without being unnecessarily dangerous and you can count on impeccable logistics. And best of all, you can count on culture. EWS goes out of its way to ensure that riders appreciate local customs and culture.

The full experience is to follow the series to an exotic location. The anticipation and excitement start that very moment that you first commit; it slowly builds throughout the weeks (and sometimes months) of preparation and continues as you pack your bike up and fly into the unknown. That buzz reaches its height in the start gate as you count down the seconds before your moment of truth. But for most of us, it’s not until the dust has settled and we accept that we’re never going to be Richie Rude or Cecile Ravanel; that’s when we realize the true value of the event. It’s not about the time splits or the results. It’s about the experience of venturing into the unknown, of pushing yourself to your limits, of the unforgettable moments in between.

This product collection is extensive – including men’s and women’s apparel and two helmet models – and based on the favourites of the EWS staff. “It’s worth mentioning how well made and tough the kit is,” said Ric McLaughlin, EWS communications manager. “Chris and I genuinely remark on it all the time. We spend all day in it, beat it up, wash it, ride in it, work in it, and it always comes back for more. We live in that kit for pretty much four days straight once practice starts and then when we’re not at work and just going riding, My current shoes have two years’ worth of international events and home riding (including two Scottish winters!) in them, and they look like they could comfortably do the same again.”

The graphics on this Giro x EWS gear are inspired by the places and moments on the EWS calendar. Some of us will choose to don this kit as we hit the trails to prepare for the upcoming season. Some will wear pieces of this kit to show support for this world-class series. And others will wear this gear to remember past EWS accomplishments. Just like leaving the EWS stickers on your frame, fork and wheels for a season – it’s a proud nod to other EWS racers and a badge of commitment.

Sun 19th Apr, 2020 @ 6:30 pm

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