Those of you of a certain age may fondly remember the 1980’s cult-classic BMX movie – “RAD”… ‘“BRAYD” is a tribute video to “RAD” that showcases Canyon rider Braydon Bringhurst’s innovative riding style—as inspired by the original film featuring Bill Allen as “Cru Jones”.

“I have loved ‘RAD’ since I was a little kid,” says Bringhurst, “The story of an underdog BMX racer that finally succeeds—winning the biggest race in the world, Helltrack—always resonated with me.”

Showcasing scenes akin to the qualifying race footage from the original movie, “BRAYD” features 1980s-throwback-style riding—including classic flatland-BMX tricks, turnbars, backflips (originally known as “air walks”) and power wheelies.

“I hope people who watch my tribute video get the same inspiration that ‘RAD’ originally gave me as a child,” says Bringhurst, “To be simply inspired to get out, ride, and have fun on your bike.”

With that said, and in the words of Cru Jones, “Okay, dudes! Let’s walk this sucker!”


Rider—Braydon Bringhurst,

Wed 13th Jan, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

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