Introduced as an alternative to HYPERGLIDE+ drivetrains, Shimano has now introduced LINKGLIDE which is apparently made for longer-lasting performance. This new LINKGLIDE technology will be available on both DEORE XT 1×11 and DEORE 1×10 speed drivetrains, aimed more for the e-bike market as well as riders hard on kit. Full press release below:

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As e-biking and other mountain biking styles continue to grow, so too does wear and tear on drivetrains. To solve this issue, SHIMANO is introducing LINKGLIDE technology, designed and engineered with increased drivetrain durability, whilst still delivering the seamless shifting that SHIMANO is renowned for.

LINKGLIDE technology will be introduced initially at DEORE XT (1×11 speed) and DEORE (1×10 speed) level and is intended for use on a wide variety of bikes and different riding styles, although it is especially suited to e-trekking bikes and e-MTBs ridden under high-torque.

Shimano testing shows that LINKGLIDE cassettes are three times more durable than its HYPERGLIDE cassettes in muddy conditions. Three times less degradation to the cassette means less chain skips, less loss of performance, more mileage before repairs or replacement, and more smooth and high-performance two-way shifting.

New components include DEORE XT 1×11 and DEORE 1×10-speed shifters, rear derailleurs, chains and cassettes. Each of the components will feature a LINKGLIDE logo to differentiate them from regular DEORE XT and DEORE components, which are not cross-compatible due to different gear pitches.

LINKGLIDE cassettes

The teeth of LINKGLIDE cassettes have been honed with a new shape to reduce wear and tear in high torque situations. Thicker and more robust teeth bases feature, to counter the area that sees most degradation, whilst a new top shape profile is also used.

The other area of development was in the shifting gate design and position which enables the chain to move smoothly up and down across the sprockets. These gates reduce pedal shock or jumps during shifting which can affect pedaling fluidity, giving smoother pedaling performance.

DEORE XT 1×11 cassettes (CS-LG600-11) weigh 780 g and are offered in 11-50T ratios whereas DEORE 1×10-speed cassettes (CS-LG600-10) weigh 634 g are offered in 11-43T.

LINKGLIDE derailleurs

To accommodate the new LINKGLIDE cassettes, new DEORE XT (RD-M8130-SGS) 1×11-speed and DEORE (RD-M5130-SGS) 1×10-speed derailleurs will be available, offering the same smooth shifting performance, SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ low profile design and chain stabilizing switch for reduced chain slap that can be found on other DEORE XT and DEORE derailleurs.

LINKGLIDE shift levers

New shift levers also form part of the LINKGLIDE drivetrain system. The DEORE XT 11-speed version comes with an I-SPEC EV (SL-M8130-IR) or clamp band (SL-M8130-R) option, whereas the DEORE 10-speed version (SL-M5130-R) comes in a clamp band-only design with an optical gear display. All shift levers offer Shimano’s 2-Way Release and Rapidfire Plus functions and the DEORE XT version also offers Instant Release for faster shifting.


The new LINKGLIDE (CN-LG500) 11/10-speed chain comes as an ‘e-bike rated’ product, providing a more affordable option to Shimano’s other CN-HG601-11/701-11/901-11 e-bike rated chains. These chains, plus the ‘e-bike designed’ CN-E8000-11 chain are all compatible with LINKGLIDE.

More info at the following websites: https://ebike.shimano.com

Wed 28th Apr, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

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