Over in sunny Switzerland at Bike Park Bellwald, “Forest Bump by die Mobiliar” has taken shape and this 4.3km long family flow blue trail is now open for all to enjoy!

“The aim behind “Forest Bump by die Mobiliar” was to create a fun, flowing and varied beginner’s trail that can already be ridden with little mountain bike experience, but also offers the possibility to approach the next difficulty levels step by step. If you want to use the full potential of the trail, you already need some experience and good skills. Another essential requirement was to build a trail that is even more fun with every run and that can be rediscovered again and again through so-called “features”. With optional lines and jumps, jumpable waves, tables and hidden jumps, this trail offers experienced and skilled mountain bikers many opportunities for creative play and jibbing.  The trail, which was built with machines, contains only a few technical elements in the main line, has a mostly homogeneous and even track and is classified as easy/blue in this respect.”

– Bike Park Bellwald

Sun 20th Jun, 2021 @ 12:30 am

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