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GO3 Camera by Insta360

” I was born here and… I’m probably gonna die here.” – Matt Hunter

For many people, mountain biking is a migratory sport. Once you get a taste for the trails, moving closer to ride every day is a no brainer for those who choose the lifestyle. For Matt Hunter, migration was never necessary. He grew up in Kamloops, where the surrounding landscape was an ever-present inspiration for his own riding.

A child of the BC outdoors, Matt’s idea of a good day is any day he gets to ride his bikes. It’s never been about being the best, but rather standing shoulder to shoulder with his peers, never apart and never above. Matt has always just wanted the sport to look as good as it feels when he stomps his butter-smooth lines and gargantuan airs.

In his hometown of Kamloops, Matt never needed to journey far to escape the distractions of everyday life. Now with kids of his own, however, those precious moments are all the more enriched by the people around him. Chill rides with the fam or power trains on The Farm, This is Home.

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Thu 29th Jul, 2021 @ 6:30 pm

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