Ladies and Gents, the only forks engineered for e-MTB!

Ever since Marshall Mullen began riding e-bikes, he’s dreamed of building a trail loop that had a combination of natural terrain, and man made features.

“E-bikes are so advanced nowadays, that you can have one bike set up the same and ride it all. With the new Specialized Levo with FOX e-MTB suspension, you can climb up, ride smooth big jumps, and rough natural terrain all with the same setup. And now with e-bikes, you can easily climb back up to the top and turn it into a loop, doing it over and over.” -MM

Deep within the Tehachapi Mountains in Southern California, Marshall made his dream a reality and built his dream e-bike loop on a plot of land that has been in his family for generations.

However, this was not your typical trail build. Marshall and his friend Kevin set out to complete the trail build in two days — an ambitious task, as the property exists completely off grid with no municipal support. To make things more challenging, Marshall wanted to create the entire trail with the least amount of environmental impact possible. As protecting this land is of vital importance to the Mullens, all the wood logs used were already dead, they were moved and cut to size. Upon completion of filming, Marshall and Kevin deconstructed all their hard work, completely took out the entire dirt work, filled in all the holes and returned it to its natural state…closing the loop forever.

Wed 17th Nov, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

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