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What the Hill? #itsyouonlyfaster

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Rowdae...the new fragrance...by Stumpjumper EVO.

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We love XC

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Find out why Jason’s afraid of climbing and not afraid of jorts.

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The Wall Street Journal gives some insight into avoiding brands that just ‘shrink it and pink it’ and find bikes, kicks and backpacks that fit you right.

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There's a first time for everything.

Congratulations to Pascal Ackermann of BORA-hansgrohe on his first Grand Tour victory during Stage 2 of the Giro d'Italia.

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We hope you never find yourself under a hydraulic press, but if you do...

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Tragedy hath befallen Thomas, but whatever shall Delilah do with his Stumpjumper?

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Riding trails? ✅
Racing XC or Cyclocross? ✅
Gravel grinding? ✅

These shoes check all the boxes: "The S-Works Recon is hard to beat and has an excellent blend of stiffness, functionality, and lightweight comfort."

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Have a dose of asymmetrical sidearm serenity, my friend. #stumpjumper

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Riders designing advanced bikes and equipment that make your ride better.
Company overview
After graduating from college in California in 1974, Mike Sinyard - like so many of us - wasn't too sure what he wanted to do next. The only thing he was sure of was his passion for cycling. He sold his VW Microbus to fund a cycling trip through Europe, and the rest was fate.

In Milan, Mike met a girl who knew the legendary crafstman Cino Cinelli. He quickly bought a suit and arranged a meeting. Mike's enthusiasm impressed him, and they made a deal that would allow Mike to import Mr. Cinelli's beautiful high-end components into the United States.

Full of enthusiasm, Mike hurried back to California in time to meet the shipping boxes, which he stored under his 8 by 30-foot mobile home to keep them dry when it rained. This was his first warehouse and sales office combined. Initial customers were bike shops in the San Francisco Bay Area, who paid cash in advance for their orders. The bike shops had to be fairly close because, for the first five years Mike had this business, he didn't own a car. Whether it was making deliveries by bike or pedaling into the hills on the weekends, Mike's dream of spending more time on a bike had certainly come true.

When Mike started this company, he made a conscious decision to focus on high-end bike components. The products he imported were scarce in the States, but there was a strong demand amongst enthusiasts. Mike named the company Specialized simply because it was how riders referred to high-end components at the time.

Thus, the Brand was born. Mike had no idea it would have such an impact on the growth and accessibility of cycling, but he's proud that it has.

Those first components and our greatest successes are testaments to our founding principle:

Focus on the rider's need for functional and technically advanced products that provide a performance benefit.

Now more than three decades later, that statement feels every bit as important and still rings true. It's what makes us Specialized. When we deliver on it, our Brand is more credible and ultimately more valuable to our riders and our dealers.
Be the best cycling brand in the world.
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Mountain Bike Reviews - Specialized Bicycles Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29 2017
Mountain Bike Reviews - Specialized Bicycles Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29 2017
Specialized Bicycles Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29

Specialized’s Stumpjumper has been around longer than most of us have been in long trousers, first hitting the market in 1981 in steel hardtail guise and since then it has gone on to become the go-to, do-everything, jack-of-all-trades trail bike of the Specialized range, reinventing itself year on year to stay with - and often just ahead of - the…

2 weeks ago | 4:41

Bringing you some of 2019's very best 'oh sh*t' moments, this is a #WipeoutWednesday to take home and cherish forever. Particular highlights: the 2min mark…

1 month ago | 3:20

There are lots of different Morning Routines out there. And all are meant to push your creativity, make you more productive or simply relaxed. Reading.…

2 months ago

IMB scribe and general suffer-fest fan, Catriona Sutherland, returns from the Camí De Cavalls Epic 360 with a few aches and pains and a sack…

4 months ago | 8:24

Crack out the long stems, short travel, steep head angles and minimal technique - this is your #wipeoutwednesday roll call and this week we're on…

4 months ago | 1:0

World Records don’t break themselves, but they can break the person attempting to conquer them. Nitro Circus’ Phil “Smagical” Smage can attest to this truth.…

5 months ago | 8:46

We all know that Fabio Wibmer is hands down one of the most talented riders going, so what better way to soak up as much…

5 months ago | 13:10

I mean, why wouldn't you want to have a go at the bed of nails, flat tyre long jump challenge? The Sick boys are back…

5 months ago | 02:52

The tension is electric as the landscape of two wheels continues to be pulled in every direction. To escape the debate, Deity's Joel Anderson gets…

5 months ago | 6:25

What’s more epic than riding the big mountain lines of Farwell Canyon? James Doerfling and Matt Hunter come back to where they’d shredded as kids…

5 months ago | 12:1

Fabio Wibmer is back on the bouncy bike and crushing some pretty mad street trials moves. Innsbruck is the scene of the crime and the…

5 months ago | 1:51

2019 will see Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava-Girona reach its third edition. No one would guess that this successful event is in fact so young…

5 months ago | 3:35

He didn't want that bike anyway! Ever launched yourself down a tricky bit of trail or over-committed to a feature, only to find out too…

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The Enduro World Series may have been and gone, but James Swann headed out to Tasmania before the race came to town to check out the quality of the trails on offer. Freshly developed riding and a welcoming local community have put Taz firmly on the world MTB stage.

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It's that time of year where all eyes turn to Whistler for the mountain bike event of the summer. British ex-pat Bex Tatham takes us on tour during her first Crankworx and finds out why Whistler is the epicentre of the mountain bike universe.

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Rou Chater gets excited about the upcoming bike launches and the annual trip to Eurobike and what it means for you as a rider…

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Ewen Turner jumps head first into the Enduro World Series to see if he can survive world class riding at the highest level and finds out how it feels to race as an amateur on the world stage.

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