The launch of our new ‘COMMENCAL Segment Project’ could only be done with a unique, creative and somewhat dreamy rider.If you know Thomas Estaque, you’ll appreciate him being the obvious choice for this project. A person with the perfect mix of authenticity, commitment and aspirations.

For sure, we could’ve asked him to tell us what he wanted and prepared a line for him in an idyllic location, on the edge of a cliff or with a view of the ocean.But it wasn’t Thomas’s vision. Thomas is from Ariège and he’s proud of it! Ariège is a region a bit like him; authentic, natural, French.

The project had to follow this logic, so as not to be short-lived or only image focused.This track is the fruit of a collaboration between the rider, diggers and brand. Furthermore, the track will remain open to the community!

Through this documentary, we show you this story of humanity.

Directed by : Leon Perrin
Shot & Edit : Leon Perrin Additionel
Film : Gaetan Clary / Pierre Dupont / Jocelyn Caron
Sound & Design : Leo Lunel
Diggers : PEF / Jeremy Berthier / Louis Reboul
Special thanks : Francis and Severine Estaque Bas & Mary Pot Alternative Club VTT Moulis

Watch the main COMMENCAL Segment video with Thomas Estaque here.

Tue 30th Nov, 2021 @ 9:30 am

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