Urge Bike Products is a French manufacturer of cycling helmets made from recycled materials since 2008. Driven by its roots, the brand tries to enjoy its passion responsibly by limiting its environmental impact in every possible way.

Urge is also very proud to count between the first 1000 pioneer members of the 1% For The Planet organization.

As you know, 1% For The Planet program is based on helping each other to grow a better future in a healthy world while enjoying our passions responsibly. That’s why 1% of Urges yearly turnover is donated to an organization (member of the 1% FTP program) that deserves to expand in order to continue its positive environmental actions.

For many years now – the Mountain Bikers Foundation has been benefiting from this help to spread a positive image of mountainbikers and preserve countless trails all over French territory.

In 2022 Urge would like, for the first time, to help an organization located outside the French borders to give rise to a new friendship and create some interesting encounters between passionate nature and outdoor activities lovers. Urge elected Italy as its new 1% territory to call for a new partnership.

If you know or belong to a nonprofit organization, just let Urge know who this organization is and how they can help it to make its projects grow faster in order to build a safe and healthy future for our kids together.

Of course, this organization needs to belong to the 1% FTP network, but don’t worry if it still doesn’t because we’ll manage to recommend and register it.

Please keep in mind that Urge is not especially looking for a cycling focused organization! The main goal is to support environmental causes!

Please contact the Italian Distributor 4GUIMP to apply and register.

Wed 9th Mar, 2022 @ 3:30 am

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