The region that offers unforgettable mountain biking experiences will once again host an international spectacle – Enduro World Series. EWS Petzen/Jamnica is part of the global series and around 900 enduro riders from all parts of the world are expected to race in Austria and Slovenia. Registrations for EWS100 & EWS-E are still open!

The media & the visitors have already spread the word about the mountain bike trails of Carinthia, one of the driving forces of tourism on both sides of the border. The mountain bikers in reality don’t care about the border, for them Carinthia is one of the biggest and greatest playgrounds in the world – with everything from flowy to technical singletrails, to the world renowned bike park on Petzen. Mountain bikers might come due to the reputation on the scene, but they leave with much more – breathtaking views, pristine & mighty nature, relaxing lakes and great hospitality. These trails & everything around it will be in the center of the global MTB audience from 16th to 19th June, in the time of the Enduro World Series race Petzen/Jamnica.

Enduro is more than a racing discipline inside the diverse world of mountain biking. It’s the closest to the way most people ride – pushing hard on the pedals to get to the top of the mountain, and then enjoy the descent and all its challenges. Enduro races have several stages, mostly going downhill, and transfers that connect them. Time is measured on the stages, the one with the fastest overall time is the winner. Simple & pure.

The Enduro World Series is the pinnacle of the enduro MTB racing, a truly global show under the umbrella of the International Cycling Union (UCI). 8 races are in the schedule for 2022 season, meaning that EWS Petzen/Jamnica is in the elite company of the venues from Scotland, France, Italy, Canada, USA & Switzerland. When Carinthia hosted EWS back in 2018 a total of 748 minutes of video highlights were produced, watched a whopping 3,2 million times online! In 2022 the series and the events are only stronger, and the organizers expect much greater promotion.

“The Enduro World Series is an enormous enrichment for cycling tourism and mountain biking in Carinthia. Our efforts towards high-quality trails are now rewarded with the presence of the world´s largest MTB series,” explained Christian Kresse, Managing Director Kärnten Werbung Marketing & Innovationsmanagement GmbH. “Around 900 of the best enduro mountain bikers will not only provide spectacular pictures of the trails on the Petzen, south Carinthia will be the international MTB hotspot on this weekend. The fact that Carinthia is able to host one of eight EWS races in the world is a perfect confirmation of the work we have done in recent years in terms of trail building.”

Main race EWS for the pros was sold out in minutes, but there are still ways to join the party inside the tape. EWS-100 is a race that is open to almost everyone and takes place on the exact same stages and the main EWS event. However, the rules are a little bit more relaxed, so more riders can enter the race. Entries are open:

EWS-E is a dedicated event for fans of e-bikes! It will take place on the beautiful stages, specially prepared for the type of the bikes, with some “classical” loops and at least one power stage with a challenging climb. This race also has an open category and the entries are still open:

Main venue at the bottom of MTB Zone Petzen bike park will also host race for kids, paragliding show, parties & more. Meanwhile the EWS riders impatiently wait for the stop with some of the best trails out there – this is real mountain biking!

EWS / race entries::

Tue 26th Apr, 2022 @ 3:30 am

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