Schwalbe strives to be the most sustainable bicycle tire manufacturer in the world. This is why Schwalbe UK began working with Plannet Zero in 2021 to help measure its operational carbon footprint. This was calculated to be 70.46tCO2e and by purchasing 210tCO2e of verified carbon credits to rebalance the organisation’s operational greenhouse gas emissions for 2021/2022, the company has successfully achieved not only carbon neutrality for our Scope 1, 2 and operational Scope 3 emissions in accordance with PAS 2060, but also a carbon positive certification.

The tire brand has invested in carbon credit projects which together ensure that 28,752 hectares of forest is maintained as protected habitat for high conservation value species; a small first step on the way to achieving the company’s sustainability goals.

In addition to the Plannet Zero initiative, Schwalbe has also invested a total of £136,000 in renewable energy solar panels in recent years. Along with the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure to help cut the emissions from its vehicle fleet, of which nearly 50% is now fully electric, this investment makes a significant contribution to our overall sustainability strategy.

Mon 25th Apr, 2022 @ 3:30 am

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