How to Bunny Hop, getting the right technique when rolling into jumps and dropping some whips that will leave your buddies jealous – In the new episode, 9 x World Champion Nino Schurter puts all the pieces together, sharing the key riding skills for every mountainbiker.

In the latest episode of “FITTER.FASTER.STRONGER”, the 9 x World Champion N1NO again opens his playbook for us, sharing the secrets to transforming physique and physical strength into world class lap times on the trails. Letting your fitness reach the next level with the workouts shown in previous episodes, Episode 6 shows us how to transform your newly gained horsepower onto the ground with style!

Bunny hopping little or bigger obstacles with ease and getting the right technique to master jumps will help you to reach the next level and leave your riding buddies speechless. Then it’s about time for the royal discipline and the World Champion’s signature: throwing incredible whips down the trail like only a World Champion can….. Or soon you too?

Nino guides you through some of the steps that get you closer and closer to the perfect whip!

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Tue 28th Jun, 2022 @ 6:30 pm

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