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The iconic dust and rock of the 45th State is no stranger to having Belgian freeride athlete Thomas Genon, aka Tommy G, tearing down its shale slopes and launching off its cliff faces. But while Tommy has visited Utah on eight separate occasions, all of these trips have been centred around riding in one of the wildest sporting events on the planet. Red Bull Rampage.

No Schedule is a video concept that builds off the back of Tommys multiple Rampage experiences. The project sets out to answer a question: Away from the structure and time constraints of contest riding, what can a rider like Tommy do with the legendary Utah terrain? To find an answer to this, the project sees Tommy head out to the desert on a 3 week trip with good friends Louis Reboul, Eliott Lapotre and Paul Fisson. With videographer Christian Rigal capturing the madness.

With endless style, insane moves, experimental features and epic scenery, No Schedule achieves all it set out to do.

Fri 12th Aug, 2022 @ 12:30 am

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