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GO3 Camera by Insta360

Opting out of the big pedal, Thomas stays in Whistler to pay off his debt to the Dirt Merchant, and his spot in the Travel Mate is taken up by Nick. As the crew heads down the Hurley FSR, the van has a senior moment requiring them to pedal up a steep gravel road to give the old girl a break. Rest assured; the Collective will stop at nothing to reach their final destination.

The grizzly bear capital of Canada. Sure enough, Ludo’s close encounter with the furry kind completes the trip and the alpine suffer fest that follows is just gravy on the cake (or something like that). With heatwaves being traded in for serious low pressure in the mountains, GoreTex becomes the new board shorts, and everyone wonders why they left their puffy jackets behind. Ludo improvises with plastic bag insulation, Nick demands more high 5s, and Kasi begins to wonder why he isn’t back in Whistler with Thomas. All in all, the Chilcotins deliver in a big way, leaving the crew in awe of what Canada has to offer.

Thu 29th Sep, 2022 @ 9:30 am

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