Pair of Faceplant Sunglasses

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Pair of Faceplant Sunglasses

“The Dark Lord of Singletrack” isnt a moniker plastered on just any random bike. The Offering LS earned it. Like a versatile pocket knife, this 141mm 29 trail platform has proven itself more capable than any jumble of geo numbers can describe.

A proper pocketknife covers all the slicing tasks you imagine and the unexpected ones in between. The Offering platform aims to do the same. The bike is stiff and responsive, pairing the smooth pedaling platform of the brands Following with some added padding so you can release the brakes and let gravity take over.

Evil found several elements to crank up the Offerings all-mountain appetite. Alongside a pair of limited-edition color options, they added SRAMs Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) thats easily found at your local bike shop. If the tiny backwoods shop has any modern hanger in stock, it will be this one.

We’ve heard the battle cries over trunnion shock spacers and the brand responded by capturing them in the linkage, so you no longer have to fiddle and fumble when installing shocks. Slide the shock in place, torque all three bolts, and get back to drifting.

To polish this shiny knife, Evil will offer free annual bearing replacements on all of the LS bikes, from 2022 forward. Original owners can register their bikes on the Evil website and order a set of replacement bearings once per season. See our warranty site for more details to keep those pivots prime.

Visit for more information on the new Offering LS.

Video location: Park City, UT
Rider: Mike Giese
Videographer: Kasen Schamaun
Video editing: Tamas Forde
Song: “Can I Live” by Teen Mortgage

Wed 12th Oct, 2022 @ 12:30 pm

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