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We might have felt it all. It’s a sensation like no other. Sheer excitement, sublime enjoyment. After you’ve experienced it once, you just want more. But where does this feeling come from, and how do we get it more often?

Focus Bikes went on a journey to find out what’s behind this feeling of the Rider’s High.

They wanted to find out – in measured, scientific terms – how our body is creating such a strong feeling.
So they spoke to a neuroscientist, a physiologist and a group of riders to understand what happens when we have a great ride.
Why do we feel this awesome feeling after landing a jump, riding a trail for the first time or cruising through the woods on a beautiful spring morning? What happens in our brain, to our body and does everybody feel it the same?

We know that riding bikes feels great. This documentary provides a scientific perspective on that feeling, helping us to understand why it happens and how we can get it every time we ride. A little spoiler: we even sent Olly for an MRI scan to see what exactly happens behind his eyeballs when he rides his bike.

Join us on a scientific journey of discoveries. Can our perceptions and suspicions stand the ultimate test? The giant magnet will hopefully give an answer. Scientific revelations await!

Tue 25th Oct, 2022 @ 9:30 pm

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