“2021 was such a successful year for the creation of the team 404. It was the result of hard work hands in hands with my colleagues at Focus Bikes. The team is dedicated to give a real support to the young generation and help them to live their passion at 404%. We’re travelling to discover new spots and try to grow up together as passionate mountain bikers. We love the vibe with our different riding styles coming from different horizons.

I’m so grateful that the Rider.404 project, from 2020, becomes now a cool crew with which I can imagine a great future. Finally I’m happy to announce that the team will keep going on for at least the next 2 years with Focus and Mavic.”


“For us it’s great to see how dedicated Thomas runs the crew and the productions. The first year has shown how passionate he, together with the whole crew, is and it perfectly reflects #ridetogether. We are excited to see the next projects come alive.”

Maurice, Sponsoring & Social Media Manager


“2020 was a turning point in Thomas Lapeyrie’s career, just like Mavic, a lot of changes happened. The first French Enduro National champion, was left without any team and Rider.404 was born to support him. It was a different approach for the partners to help him to live his passion and keep racing.
Mavic was there.

Then, Rider.404 became quickly the 404.crew, that way Thomas could help the young generation and share his experience. Seduced, Mavic is proud to extend the support to him and his team projects.”

Guillaume, Sports Marketing at Mavic


Our athletes come from Les Vosges & the Alps.

“We love to connect in France to ride the best French spots, but our biggest goal is to travel worldwide to ride the best spots in the world and share with you our adventures!”

Leo-J is the Freerider,
Focused on having fun, or being fast on anything two (or even 4) wheels.

Lucas-B is the Trialman,
Focused to make some different moves and ride on the back wheel.

T-LAP is a complete cyclist : 4X, XC, Enduro National champ.
Focused now to connect his friends to have the best time on wheels, enjoy sharing is passion & experiences.

Mon 11th Apr, 2022 @ 3:30 pm

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