The Darkfest 2022 build-up video binge is here for your viewing pleasure. Sit back, crack a refreshing Monster Energy, or something stronger, and get into the latest build videos from the team on the ground in South Africa. Unlike other years, where the outside temperature was hotter than Clemens Kaudela with his top off, the Autumn temps have treated the boys to some perfect build days, with light rain and just enough sun to dry out the dirt. To celebrate that we’re just a few short days from the start of the event, we wanted to treat you to an evening of celebrating some pristine berms, razor sharp shark fins and a high high hip.

“It’s my favourite time year again – It’s always awesome to gather the world’s most progressive athletes to ride, what I hope, will be the best version of the DarkFest course we have ever made! This year its been all about fine tuning and perfecting these monsters using 6 years of big air build experience that will make all the difference to be able to send the jumps to their full potential. The rider list is the biggest and best its ever been and I cant wait to see whats going to go down!!!” – Sam Reynolds

“Waaaawaaawewa! These days being at DarkFest is like my second home – so good to be out here fine-tuning this insane course to be able to provide the riders with the ultimate platform to shred.

I’m very stoked to see the ladies finally joining a Freeride event with the calibre of DarkFest this year! It’s an honour to use everything I’ve learned as a trail builder to help prepare the world’s sickest jumps and craziest course.” – Clemens Kaudela


Sam Reynolds
Clemens Kaudela
Sam Hodgson
Kade Edwards
Kaos Seagrave
Ike Klaassen
Theo Erlangsen
Bienvenido Aguado
Nicholi Rogatkin
Szymon Godziek
Brendan Fairclough
Daniel Ruso
Elias Ruso
Tom Isted

Adolf Silva
Vincent Tupin
Ethan Nell
Matt McDuff
Graham Agassiz
*Cam Zink
*Reed Boggs

Vero Sandler
Casey Brown
Hannah Bergman
Chelsea Kendall
Robin Goomes

Mon 11th Apr, 2022 @ 3:30 am

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