Pair of Faceplant Sunglasses

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Pair of Faceplant Sunglasses

This fall, Micayla Gatto & Steffi Marth reunited on a road trip across Atlantic Canada, sampling incredible views, mountain biking trails, and local flavours. With Micayla driving from British Columbia and Steffi arriving from Germany, their journey started on the West Coast of Newfoundland and Labrador before moving onwards to Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and wrapping up in New Brunswick.

The riders were hit by all kinds of East Coast weather, from warm days to hurricanes, and made the most of this opportunity to share our slice of the world. They witnessed the seasons change as the leaves burst with colour making them soon forget how quickly summer had passed; autumn was here, and it was time to ride!

Thu 1st Dec, 2022 @ 9:30 pm

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