An E-MTB weighing just 15.5kg. Yup, you read that right. The Scott Lumen takes the world’s fastest XC/Trail frame platform and adds completely silent and powerful electric assistance all while maintaining Scott’s legendary lightweight DNA.

The Scott Lumen has the DNA of the fastest bike in the world, the SCOTT Spark. With the core elements of Scott, innovation, technology and design, the Lumen was developed to be as fast, as light, and as close to a regular MTB possible. The ride feel is like a regular bike: no need to think about a longer braking distance, pedal drag or weight, as it’s even possible to ride the bike with the assistance switched off. This is an E-Bike for a mountain biker, with all the benefits of a regular bike, now with added assistance to get you up those hills faster to enjoy riding further and for even longer.

From the beginning, the objective was to create the lightest possible E-Bike and, after much investigation, it was clear that the TQ HPR50 was the ultimate solution for the Scott eRide R&D Team to achieve their goals.
TQ is a German company founded in 1994 who specialize in electric components across a range of industries including aerospace, medical and infrastructure. With the HPR50, they simply rewrote the rules, delivering an unprecedented weight/power ratio of 1.8kg for 50Nm.With a diameter of 8cm, TQ has innovated by using a harmonic gear system. This allows for a reduction of size, while also increasing the accuracy of the system. This results in a lighter bike, better integration, while reducing backlash for a more natural pedalling sensation. This technology also allows for the reduction in system noise for a truly natural experience. After all, you are in the outdoors to, well, enjoy the outdoors.

The Lumen features a 360Wh internal battery which can be further complemented by a 160Wh external range extender. Easily fixed to the front water bottle mount with our unique SCOTT designed quick release mount, the range extender features a slim design and low weight, meaning minimal impact on the bike’s handling.
Thanks to TQ’s electronic expertise, the HPR50 battery, when combined with the range extender, guarantees maximum performance right through until empty. TQ use specific battery cells to ensure both the battery and range extender continue at full output, even as it reaches low capacity. The system can be charged with the range extender in place, the smart charger, prioritising the bike battery’s charge first, so you’ll never be caught short when heading out to ride. The charge time is fast too, the main battery can reach 80% in two hours of charging.

Unlike most full suspension E-Bikes, on the Lumen there is no need to choose between the range extender or a water bottle – between longer rides and staying hydrated. Thanks to the integrated shock there is space for both an external battery and water. An optional sliding mount system also allows an easy switch between the front water bottle and the range extender, allowing either to be easily transported when out on longer rides.

The Lumen uses the same suspension layout as featured in the SCOTT Spark, now a double World Championship winning bike. From the first time the team rode the flex pivot layout, they fell in love. Now, years later, they still believe that for technical cross country trail riding and fast, punchy singletrack, it’s the best approach. The suspension layout on the Lumen has a very specific and proven kinematic and less unsprung mass. Using a flex pivot in the seat stay is an ideal solution for bike in this travel range and allows us to keep a very lightweight system while still ensuring optimal suspension performance.

The Spark debuted a frame platform with an integrated shock and the Lumen follows the same principle. Why integrated you ask? Well for one, it looks fantastic. But if we take a deeper look, this approach allows us to refine suspension characteristics without sacrificing weight. And when developing the world’s lightest e-MTB, every gram matters. For the optimal performance of a suspension shock, power transfer must be the most direct possible. What Scott wanted to avoid are any inefficient directional movements, in other words, lateral movements (sideways to the direction of travel) as the shock goes through its compression. Having an integrated shock allows us to improve this in several ways. Firstly, the frame construction around the shock and with the trunnion mount can be designed to be much more rigid, reducing movement and fostering more efficient power transfer. Scott can also add much larger bearings to the seat tube pivot, further reinforcing this area and reducing any unnecessary motion. While these may seem like minor improvements individually, the sum of their parts results in more efficient shock performance. Additionally, the shock is fully protected from any foreign elements. Rainy wintry ride? No problem, your shock will continue to perform at its best regardless.

With 130mm of travel, it made perfect sense to utilize our tried and tested platform, the Spark 900. This design is the result of years of engineering experience and feedback from the most successful elite-level riders in the world. To fulfil the requirements of an electric system, adaptations were of course required, starting with the thickness of the carbon layup, the kinematics, the shock placement and the geometry. Even though the Lumen eRide and the Spark are analogous, the design of the Lumen has been optimized to fit the motor and the battery. The result is a motor and a battery integrated into a full suspension frame with an increase in volume of only 17% over the Spark. Looking at it, you can’t tell it’s an electric mountain bike.

Setting sag is also easy, as you can see what sag you’re running via an indicator on one of the pivots. Want to know if you’re using full suspension travel? Have a look through a port in the seat tube where you can see where your o-ring sits. You can easily move it back down to reset it.

The Lumen 900 SL and 900 models feature the Fraser IC DC combo from Syncros. The designers worked on the shape to allow the cables to flow under the bar and around the sides of the stem before disappearing into the headset with integrated plastic parts to keep it clean and efficient. This avoids bends or kinks in the cables and provides a minimalist front end. In fact, when the system was developed, e-bike cables were already thought of in the design. All our bars and stems feature multiple options for computer, light and camera mounts both on top or under the bar.

The 910 and Contessa models feature a more standard bar and stem designed to work with the internal cable rooting. Syncros provides all the touchpoints on the bike for the best riding experience.

The system can be controlled via a minimalistic handlebar remote paired to the integrated top tube display. The modes are easy to switch through, and, thanks to the ergonomic placement on the handlebar, can be easily controlled whilst riding, as well as when using Walk Mode.

The TQ app offers real benefit and is easy to use. It’s easy to connect, customize and control your TQ- powered e-bike with the TQ E-Bike app. The bike comes with a suggested Scott motor tune, with the app you can tune your drive unit to either save battery life or maximise the power output. You can alter the pedal response either for a faster motor uptake response or to slow it down for a more natural feeling. Lastly you can customize the display, altering the order and number of screens available, turn on and off control sounds etc.
No buzz, no additional noise – simple essential information for when you and your E-Bike are on the go so you can ride more and enjoy the moment.

The new Lumen collection features 4 models: Lumen eRIDE 900 SL, Lumen eRIDE 900 and Lumen eRIDE 910, and one dedicated Contessa model. Discover the full collection on

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