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GO3 Camera by Insta360

Check out Gaëtan Vige’s new off-season video in Reunion Island. Between two aggressive riding parts as he knows how, he shows us a “new him” riding to explore and puts in the light the beauty of the terrain.

“Off-season is the only time of the year that allows you to get out of ‘racing’ mode and disconnect. Reunion Island was the perfect mix for relaxation, holidays, beaches and incredible trails to ride on for the first time.

It’s been a while since I wanted to produce content a little different. We spend the whole year training, with athletic performance as the main goal. I like racing. This video is a new challenge, and shows what I love above all, is riding my bike.

My friend Mathieu is also a racer but he is an artist, who better could I choose to join me in this project.

From physical preparation I move on to logistical preparation. Research to find the most beautiful spots on the island. The images speak for themselves: awesome landscapes, waterfalls, beaches, coconut trees and a bike park at the bottom of the volcano. In the middle of the cane fields, I rode on the lava flows of 1977, this is a very different experience from the World Cup tracks.

Thanks to Specialized my partner for following me in this project. I am now waiting to get back to the racing season, but I’m also thinking about my next getaway. To be continued…”

– Gaëtan Vige

Directed by: Gaetan Vige
Logistics: Stephan Fort
Film: Mathieu Ruffray / Pango Visual
Edit: Mathieu Ruffray / Pango Visual
Music & Sound Edit: Rafael CERDA

Mon 30th Jan, 2023 @ 9:30 pm

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