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Hassle'Off Multi Tool

The ultimate MTB freeride tricycle is born! Sam Pilgrim converts a brand new Canyon Stitched 360 dirt jump bike into a freeride tricycle and shreds it as hard as possible at the bike park, hitting MTB trails and jump lines but can it be backflipped?

This box fresh Canyon Stitched 360 has now been turned into a Stitched 1080 because Sam ordered a new backend for it which converts this bikes into a tricycle so it now has 3 wheels hence the new name 😉 The professional freeride mountain biker found this kit online and got it ordered instantly because he knew the high levels of excitement that such a piece of kit would bring! Pilgrim starts the video by fitting this cool kit to the bike and after a lot of faffing around and bike maintenance the ultimate tricycle was born. With his newly modified bike ready to go Sam decided to head down to Twisted Oaks bike Park and ride some of the sick MTB trails and jumps that the bike park had on offer. But… is it possible to backflip a tricycle?

Tue 14th Feb, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

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